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Recent content by MS 57

  1. MS 57

    Just found out that I own one of ALVIN LEE ´s ES 335 !!!!

    Since seeing the Woodstock movie in the early 70´s, I am a HUGE Alvin Lee fan. In 2006 I had a chance to buy a 1958 Stratocaster that Alvin Lee had owned from 1972 - 1994. I managed to get some great authencification for that guitar. Some months later the shop got a 1965 ES that should also have...
  2. MS 57

    Soundtest : Comparing an R9 to a boutique LP and a Burst

    My fellow Scandinavians at Roukongas guitars have made this interesting comparison. It is great to see the dedication and pride those guys have for their work with guitars. http://www.ruokangas.com/?p=1657
  3. MS 57

    TONETEST : 1998 R9 vs 2004 Epi Elitist

    I just got my 2004 Epi Elitist back from my luthier who gave it a monster flame paintjob :biggrin: and installed 57 Classic p.u.s from a 1998 R8. I thought it would be interesting to make a sound comparison. Both guitars have fresh Daddario 009 - 42. Both guitars have all controls set at 10...
  4. MS 57

    1952 Gold top : Sound comparison with 1957 ES 295 - 1968 GT - 1997 R7

    Hi Guys ! With the risk of being this weeks punching bag, I present to you a little video I have just made of my 4 gold tops. I just got a 1957 ES 295 and thought it could be interesting to compare it to my other guitars. The other guitars are : 1952 Bigsbied all gold - 1968 conversion with...
  5. MS 57

    " Flames in the Sun " A poem about my 1998 R9

    Got to bed at 4 am after last night´s gig Morningstumbled into my studio/computerroom to check LPF Opened the blinds and the autumnsun filled the room And there she was........ looking more beautiful than ever !!!!! ( Please don´t tell my wife about this poem - I a´m sure she will say I got my...
  6. MS 57

    1957 Jun pick up : Real or fake ?

    Hi guys ! I need input from the experts around here : I just sold my 1957 Jun. that I had bought from Rock´n´Roll vintage some years ago. Their description was " original P 90 pick up ". Now the Ebayer who bought " as is with no returns " has sent me this message : " P90 incl. cover is not from...
  7. MS 57


    My favourite burst colour is lemon burst. So I could not resist when this chambered 2011 R8 came up at Marks. I have not tried it plugged in yet, but unplugged it rings like a pre - war Martin. Here she is to the left with her older sister 2008 R9 : And with different lightning and some old...
  8. MS 57

    Listen to Some Real Good Gibbons burst Tone !!

    .... and the footwork ain´t half bad either :headbange : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zKVnpUIJPY
  9. MS 57

    1960 SG project guitar

    Hi Guys ! I just bought this 1960 SG project on Ebay. Since I am no big expert ( just a big old wood lover and a bit of a gambler ), I would appriciate any comments on the serial number ect........... Thanks ! In return I will post pictures when it is done :peace2 Ebay description : This is...
  10. MS 57

    WTB Original 1957 LP Custom with issues

    Just missed a cool 3 pu with added Bigsby going for 28 K at Gbase. A 57 goldtop converted to humbuckers could also be of interest. Send me a mail at wicki.hartwig@teliamail.dk
  11. MS 57


    I´m a guy from Denmark who is in the market for a 1957 Les Paul Gold top soapbar / humbucker conversion. I have no problems with issues. If you have one for sale feel free to contact me : wicki.hartwig@teliamail.dk 0045 45856106 Rock on ! Jesper
  12. MS 57

    1953 Les Paul 1968 reneck OLD wood GOOD price

    SOLD !!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290300603195
  13. MS 57

    Sparkle Les Paul owners show off your stuff !

    I like my vintage Les Pauls as much as the next guy, but I have to confess that I have always had a weakness for sparkle guitars. ( my guitar shrink says it is because I wants to be sure to get noticed, if not for my playing then for my guitar :) ). I started off with a year 2000 red Standard...
  14. MS 57

    Are these original 1968 LP Custom pick ups ??

    I recently bought a 1968 LP Custom. Only issues mentioned were luckingnut repair and missing pickguard. Otherwise 100 % original. Yesterday I opened it up for the first time and was a bit worried to find stickerles pick - ups ! I contacted the seller ( big vintage store ) and the owner said that...
  15. MS 57

    Fake Rossington on Ebay ( or in Denmark ) !!

    Fake Rossington : mystery solved Ooooops ! It turns out that I have made a mistake remembering the ser nr of my Rossington : It is 197 - not 097. The reason I just couldn´t check on my guitar, is that I´m abroad on vacation. So an excuse to the Ebay seller for thinking his guitar was fake, and...