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  1. MikeSlub

    1960 ES-330 TDN

    Had her out for a workout this weekend...sitting on a 1963 Fender Vibroverb.
  2. MikeSlub

    I don't understand why people dislike Norlin era Gibson products so much...

    I own a number of Norlin era Gibsons and am happy with them. There are great Gibson guitars in every era. If I had one critical comment to make about the Norlin era, let's just say that they weren't paying much attention to the weight of the guitars during that era. :cool:
  3. MikeSlub

    NGD: 1963 Polaris White SG Special

    Congratulations! Here is my 1962:
  4. MikeSlub

    What's on TV? Show your TVs.

    1957 and 1959. Both are amazing playing/sounding guitars.
  5. MikeSlub

    Vibrolux Speaker Replacement

    The Jensen reissue C10Q's also sound great - they are in my vintage VR.
  6. MikeSlub

    Vibrolux Speaker Replacement

    I put Jensen reissue C10Q's in my 1964 Vibrolux Reverb and they sound heavenly! (y)
  7. MikeSlub

    We’re back!

    Thanks Bob!
  8. MikeSlub

    We’re back!

    I have no idea why we were down, but the engineers at our hosting site resolved the issue. Sorry for the down time!
  9. MikeSlub

    87' prehistoric with a pretty cool, but unusual top?

    Great top on that geetar! Much nicer than my 1987...
  10. MikeSlub

    Market value of 60's vintage ES-330 electronics & hardware

    Late 60's ES-330, given those knobs, nylon saddles and the chrome covered P-90's.
  11. MikeSlub

    Market value of 60's vintage ES-330 electronics & hardware

    Hi Todd, I don't really know how to advise on the best place to sell. My only comment is that Grover tuners wouldn't be original to an ES-330.
  12. MikeSlub

    Thank you Mark Y.!

    Thank you for your donation!
  13. MikeSlub

    NGD: Photos of Bugman's Murphy Lab R8

    Joe asked me to post for him. Killler geetar!
  14. MikeSlub

    NGD , R8 Murphy Lab ultra light aging

    Very happy to hear about health success and your new axe! (y)(y)