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Recent content by Mats A

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    Herco Flex 75 picks

    There is lots of different Herco Flex picks now and i read the Herco Flex 75 is 1.00mm. I have some old originals and i bought the new Herco Flex 75 Silver wich is like 1.01mm but these feels a bit thinner than my old originals. How thick was the original 70’s Herco Flex 75 really? I thought...
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    Les Paul top carve

    Was in 1968 when the Les Paul was reintroduced that it got a flatter top carve or was it after Norlin had taken over in the 70’s?
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    Early 1970’s Les Paul Deluxe Tobacco Bursts

    How come that some of the early 1970’s Tobacco Burst’s Les Paul’s looks more like a darker red sunburst than the more common almost black sunburst? Or are they really wrongly named as Tobacco Burst?
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    60th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul

    The 60th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul comes in three variations V1, V2 and V3. I’ve been told my 2018 1960 Reissue Les Paul have like a V2 neck. I wonder does the V3 version have a very thin neck like the Les Paul Classic?
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    Three piece tops on Les Pauls

    Did Gibson start doing three piece tops on Les Paul’s in the late 1960’s?
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    Toggle switch tip to 2018 60’s Reissue

    My guitar Case fell over and when i opened it the pickup toggle switch tip had broke. I wonder what is the correct part fnumber rom Gibson for that amber plastic tip to my 2018 Historic 1960’s Les Paul Reissue. My guitar case has fallen many times but this has never happened before.
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    Thicker Rosewood board

    Was it 2013 that Gibson USA started using thicker Rosewood fingerboards? Do they still use these?
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    Magnet in Humbucker

    I’ve searched but can’t find an expanation i understand. How does the poles (North& South) work on a humbucker magnet? I’ve always thought one half and short end was N and one S. But to get the out of phase tone you rotate the magnet 180 degrees wich would still make the short ends face the...
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    Les Paul out of phase tone

    I wonder if you flip the neck pickup so the screws face the bridge pickup will you get an out of phase tone?
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    Peter Green Les Paul tone

    Peter Green had the neck pickup on his LP in Fleetwood Mac flipped with the screws facing the treble pickup. Did this have anything to do with his out of phase tone or must the magnet have been flipped?
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    Case on 2019 Standards

    I watched an unboxing video on Youtube and they talked about these new guitars having a different case with five latches. Have they changed the brown case for the 2019’s?
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    First Historic Les Paul Custom

    What year was the first Historic Les Paul Custom released?
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    Neck joint and pickup routing

    I wonder in the 50’s did they fit the neck before they routed the body for the pickups and when they changed to the transitional tenon started routing the body for the pickups before the neck was fitted?
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    Hard lacquer

    I red they used hard lacquer on the 2019 Les Paul’s. What is that?
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    LP Mahogany Top wich glue?

    Was the Mahogany top on the original 52-60 LP’s glued with Hide glueä or what was it if not?