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  1. jbzoso2002

    Ed King has passed away...the LPF's tribute to a legend.

    I saw a gear page post that Ed King has passed away, I hope its not true. Jimmy EDIT: RIP Ed King, I didnt know him but he seems like he was a cool dude. Thanks for the title edit, much more fitting.
  2. jbzoso2002

    Ok, 96 Studio really done this time.

    1996 Gibson Les Paul Studio. Historic pu rings creamtone pickguard & switch tip Historic poker chip Gibson full length pu switch Seymor Duncan Antiquties with full strength magnets short a5 bridge long a2 neck Vipots, 50's wiring pio caps (vitamin t) Amber bell knobs Faber abrn bridge...
  3. jbzoso2002

    This looks like a reissue to me??

    Experts, is this a real burst or a reissue?? Looks ri to me. https://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?209019-1959-Les-Paul-Burst-9-2176 Jimmy
  4. jbzoso2002

    Shout out to Mars Hall/St Jerry a great friend!!!

    A big thanks to a very good friend Jerry/Mars Hall:jim This man would enhance anyone's life who knows him! He has helped me when my life was not so good, and when is has been good. You would be hard pressed to find a better person than him! Thanks Jerry for being my friend:salude Jimmy:2cool
  5. jbzoso2002

    Its April 18th and its gonna snow tonight.

    Yup, Northwest Indiana and snow tonight. Geez:dang Jimmy, in a winter coat, in April
  6. jbzoso2002

    Time to build another JTM-45.

    I sold my last tube amp last summer to help fund my home purchase. Ive been rocking the Boss Katana since. Due to availability of parts and the reacquisition of my former 4x12 I can build this for a couple hundred bucks plus a head cab. I already have an output transformer -Metro Amp Drake...
  7. jbzoso2002

    I need the black plastic tube that covers the wire going to the jack plate.

    Im going to install a new pickup switch with 50's braided push back wire and I need a piece of that black plastic tube than covers the wire going to the jack plate. I can get shrink wrap but I want to use the same stuff that Gibson uses. Thanks Jimmy
  8. jbzoso2002

    Luther customer service question???

    Im getting to be concerned with how my refret is going. I have a friend that has had 2 refrets with this tech and was very happy with the work. I called him and was quoted 1 week, when I dropped it off he said 2 weeks. I waited 2 weeks and called, he said 1 more week plus. Called today, 3...
  9. jbzoso2002

    How long does it take a luthier to do a refret?

    How long for refret & cust service question EDIT How long does it take a luthier to do a refret and a custom fit bone nut on a no binding LP in actual shop time? Thanks Jimmy
  10. jbzoso2002

    Abr1 vs Nashville with hi neck angle

    I have a 1996 LP studio and would normally jump right into an abr1 wooden dowel conversion. But! This guitar has a very hi neck angle and there would be a lot of naked 6/32 screw sticking out. Because of this I may leave it with the Nashville bridge, maby put a tonepros up grade but keep the...
  11. jbzoso2002

    Can someone direct me to a proper set up video?

    I just got a 1996 LP studio and the shop I got it from did a fantastic set up on it. Then I got involved. I changed the bridge and studs and tail piece and pick ups. I tried to do a set up and I cant get the strings back nice and low with out buzz. I need to learn this my self so I dont have...
  12. jbzoso2002

    1996 Les Paul Studio mods are done!

    Ok, here it is: Cream plastic Tone Pros abr1 bridge w/ conversion studs Light weight alum tail piece and steel studs Seymour Duncan Antiquity Pickups w/ full power mags Mojo Tone 500k true vintage taper pots and pio caps with 50's wiring Grovers Im very happy:salude Jimmy
  13. jbzoso2002

    NGD 1996 Les Paul Studio

    Finally got back into a Gibson. A 1996 wine red studio, previous owner put in 500k pots and pio caps and 50's wiring. A very resonant guitar with sustain for days. Will be putting in my Antiquities and cream plastic. Pics when done. Jimmy
  14. jbzoso2002

    Help I need a peephole camera with motion detection.

    Does any one have any experience with a peephole camera that automatically records if some one gets close the the door. Im getting dizzy with all the choices and most say the doorbell must be pushed but I want one that comes on with motion detection. Thanks Jimmy
  15. jbzoso2002

    The Boss Katana amp line, WOW!

    Ive had a pair of Boss Katana 1x12 combo's (50watt and 100watt) for a couple months or so now. These amps sound, feel, react, anything you can say, exactly as a tube amp does. Ive had some very cool tube amps (Marshall clones since 2005) and they are all gone and Im never getting another. The...