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Elliot Easton
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  • Elliot Easton are you a Greg Lake fan? I know you have a lot of favorite guitarists so I wanted to hear what you thought of him.

    One of my favorite ELP songs is Lucky Man. I really loved the sound Greg got out of his Gibson J200 on that song.
    Hi Elliot , I have photos that i would love to share with you about some of my guitars including my most recent one that i went and visited Gibson Custom a year ago and picked out my own wood for my M2M Les Paul . Also some other nice ones that i acquired . Gibsons and Fenders and a DA Plexiglass . Would love to share with you . P.S. You blew my mind away at a show in 1980 in Glens Falls NY , which you guys headlined and had two openers at and been a fan since .
    Hi Elliot I have been playing for 3 yrs and in a band they want me to play solo for Just what I needed would you have the tab? I have looked up on internet but there are so many different versions. Thank You
    Hey Elliot I have a question for you. Do you have any Idea how many pre-70's Left Handed Firebirds Gibson built? I am the Original owner of a 1968 that was custom made for me. I have seen 1 other (not a '68). The best I could get from Gibson was that they do not have production numbers from then, just shipped numbers. These pertained just to overall firebirds (9,019 Firebirds shipped from the factory between 1963-1969). They can't say how many were left-handed. Have you seen many/any pre-70's Firebirds in the wild? Thanks!
    Elliot...if you have a moment, please email me at CDaughtry@aol.com. I'd love to talk to you about doing a lesson for us here on the LPF. Your solos were always such "stand alone" statements in the Cars, I'd love to see a lesson from you about how you went about crafting them.
    Thanks so much for the consideration.....Charlie
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