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  1. dlmorley

    Gibson Les Paul Custom - CS serial number

    Hello all. I have a feeling I'm going to have to disappoint an acquaintance as he needs to sell a guitar he owns. He bought it as a Gibson Les Paul Custom. The serial number doesn't come up in the online search. Thoughts please!? Thx David
  2. dlmorley

    Gibson GA-19 RVT Falcon demo

    I just made a video of my GA-19 RVT. I'm no Pete Thorn, but I thought people might like to hear the amp. I love it for the reverb and clean sounds mainly. I'll do a dirty LP video later :) I got it from the son of the original owner. All stock with what seems to be original RCA tubes. I stop...
  3. dlmorley

    WTT: my ES330 (67/68) for your LP Deluxe (EU)

    m thinking of getting an LP Deluxe. Not playing my Cherry Red ES330 as much as I should, I would consider a trade for the right LP Deluxe. No breaks and no refinishes. My 330 has no breaks.. replaced tuners (Klusons) and 1 abr1 saddle is metal rather than plastic. More Details to possible trade...
  4. dlmorley

    Arbiter fuzz face info!

    Hi all whilst collecting some speakers, I noticed a few pedals that the seller had. Now, i don’t know much about fuzz faces, not really being a big fuzz fan, but my mind did say that an arbiter fuzz is a good thing. So, it’s mine now :salude and having looked, I think it’s an original. Can...
  5. dlmorley

    Les Paul Refret in Belgium or Germany

    my Bahama blue 1981 les paul could do with a refret. I have kept it with the original frets for a while, but they are low and I don’t play it much because of this. So even if I’ll lose the nibs and some originality, I think it deserves to be played and more playable. In Belgium or perhaps...
  6. dlmorley

    NGD: ES-330 1967/8 Bridge saddle question

    Hi all. I just got this ES-330, which is wonderful. Apart from changed tuners, the high E saddle was replaced with a metal one, so I put a different bridge on for now. I was wondering where to get Plastic saddles for an ABR1? Are they available? Also, are replica tuners available that would look...
  7. dlmorley

    More pickup ID please! Double white 1980

    I just bought his 1980 Gibson Humbucker. The seller puts it at 7.3k I want to fit it to my ibanez LR 10 as I don't particularly like the pickups in it for classic tones. It will go in the neck I think. I have a 1981 les paul with Shaws and love them. Also always liked t tops. Is it either of...
  8. dlmorley

    2012 deluxe fingerboard

    Hi all I am considering a used 2012 deluxe and am wondering if anyone can tell me wether the wood is Katalox or Rosewood? My 81 Standard has Ebony and so I would like a rosewood board rather than something that apparently is closer to ebony (katalox) I presume all Gibson RW boards are layered...
  9. dlmorley

    music ground owners arrested..

    Handling stolen guitars... http://www.guitarnewsdaily.com/?p=1732 I do believe these guitars came from an Italian member here (or was it thegearpage.net?)
  10. dlmorley

    someone asked me to value their SG - 1974?

    I'm no expert but does this look like a 74 SG with the original tremelo (quite rare?) Value?? I figured about €1200 at least (about $1500?) sn: 416667 If I had some cash, I'd be interested...
  11. dlmorley

    P90 dating and ID please!

    Any thoughts on when these P90's are from (I'm presuming they are Gibson here!) Thx!
  12. dlmorley

    1981 les paul bridge replacement

    This is a great sounding LP as is, BUT I was thinking of trying out a new bridge and tailpiece to see if I can get any improvements. Any idea what would be a good replacement? ABM seem to make an aged nickel tailpiece but no actual bridge. Also, does anyone do plastic saddles like on the ABR-1...
  13. dlmorley

    pickup ID please! t-top with 12 adjustable poles?

    Hi all What is my pickup? It's a (gold) Gibson pup with T-Top marks BUT 12 adjustable pole pieces.. is it a dirty fingers as I read somewhere that they sometimes had t-top marks..or a T-top? Will look for a pic.. the pup is not with me, but in my studio Thx David
  14. dlmorley

    SG Identification.. early 70's?

    I am thinking of trading some studio gear and this has been offered. It's a refin and has non original parts a bigsby added but no breaks. P90's and trapezoid inlays....so I am guessing it is a standard with P90's and a new guard.. 1970 or so?? Could I be right?? Could be a nice player. Thx guys!
  15. dlmorley

    Sammy Hagar Gibson Red Rocker

    Now apart from the headstock stuff, I think this is one of the best looking new LP's that's been out for ages! Anyone know anything about these?