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    It Has Been Leaked

    If thats the case then just another instance of dealers selling guitars and they dont even know what they are really selling. Just a few years back when Gibson sold the 18 1959 brazilians that were built for Japan but could not ship them due to CITIES those guitars only sold for $6800. At any...
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    It Has Been Leaked

    So a new version of the 59 LP is on the way and the launch will be on Tuesday 11-21-23. Dealers cant sell before the launch. It is a 59 Brazilian board LP Murphy painted and Murphy lab aged. There will be 6 different Sku's in different colors and they will make 50 of each Sku so that is about...
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    What's your craziest or plain dumbest Historic story ?

    Picked off a brand new custom shop 59 Les Paul Murphy aged in Bourbon Burst with a killer top for $1999 when Music 123/Guitar Sale bought the left over inventory from Music Machine when they closed up. The web girl was new and listed it as a Gibson USA Les Paul. The store manager called me to...
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    So What Is Your Opinion On The 59 Greeny Coming In 2023

    I have been told that for 2023 the 59 Greeny is coming and it will be Murphy Lab Aged. I am sure everyone knows this is the guitar owned by Peter Green, Gary Moore, and currently under the guardianship of Kirk Hammett. I am told by reliable sources there will be 2 versions and this will be a...
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    Clapton's Shameful Slide

    You know what the whole Fuxing world had become way too sensitive for me. Because its Clapton the guy cant have have a right or an opinion or is it because he's Clapton he is supposed to only have far leftist Hollywood elite views on the world only. Let me remind you this is the same guy that...
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    Time You Boys Went To Church

    Just launched yesterday! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2WdydXQOWo
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    Played The Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Aged & Signed Custom Today And It Was Killer

    It was a nice treat today when I went to go and pick up strings they had the aged & signed Adam Jones LP Silverburst on display. I was amazed at how good it was. This was the first signature guitar aged in house in the Murphy Lab and the aging is spot on especially the back of the neck. I tell...
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    Collector Alert 2019 Chris Cornell ES335 Sighting

    I went to my local music store today to pick up some strings at the curbside pickup as the store is closed. The UPS man had just delivered a bunch of guitars and he left them with the guy at the store stock room. Well I just had to go and peek at the labels before he put them away and one of...
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    Paul Stanley Shakin It Up With A Lester

    No explanation needed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_33LCN4zWc4
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    2019 Gibson Slash 1966 EDS-1275 Double Neck Aged & Signed With Slash Leather Jacket

    2019 Gibson Slash 1966 EDS-1275 Double Neck Aged & Signed With Slash Leather Jacket Well here it is boys. The beast Slash double neck and what a fine guitar it is. I was not supposed to get one of these but ended getting one by chance and just could not pass it up because this thing is just...
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    The Slash Brazilian Dream Is On Its Way

    Specs are a little sketchy as of now but I confirmed today that Gibson Custom is doing a run of 150 1958 Les Paul Standards called the Slash "Brazilian Dream". Each guitar will have a Brazilian Rosewood finger board (USA only) with the VOS finish and hand signed and numbered by the man himself...
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    Are You Kidding Me? Finally Jimmy McCarty Gets His Due With His Own Signature Model

    I stopped into Huber Breese Music the other day and was totally blown away. I am showing my age here but who cares. Were talking about "The Man" here!!! A Detroit Gun Slinger! A real legend! One of if not my favorite all time gun slingers of all time finally gets his due with his own Jimmy...
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    The 59 GOLDIE True Historic Murphy Painted Aged And Signed Has Arrived

    The 59 Goldie has arrived from Japan. This is an extremely small run of only 18 guitars that Tom Murphy painted and aged for select Japanese dealers only. This one was actually signed by Murphy. It has all the new 2016 True Historic specs and hot hide glue assembly. The dealers requested that...
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    The 59 "Goldie" Murphy Painted And Aged Vic DaPra Burst Believers II Cover Burst

    The 59 "Goldie" Murphy Painted And Aged Vic DaPra Burst Believers II Cover Burst Earlier this year Vic DaPra posted on his Face Book page he was signing books for a special run slated to go to Japan. There were only 18 guitars in this run for select dealers only in Japan all with 2016 True...
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    The 59 Aged Signed Rick Nielsen's Are On The Way And Sold Out

    I spoke to the cats at Chicago Music Exchange today and they informed me that the 59 Neilsen's are on the way. They also told me they will be a new web dealer for 2016 and have ordered over 250K worth of guitars just for the initial order. I had no idea this model was even coming and heard...