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Stephens design pickups versus throwbaks?

El Gringo

Well-known member
Apr 8, 2015
Happy new year everybody!

A question … can anybody tell me how Stephens design pickups compare with the throbak PAF offerings?

Just to get opinions on players that have tried out both.
Correct your spelling of Throbak in your title please


Well-known member
Apr 26, 2016
After reading this thread again very disappointing the continuing attacks on a vender, supporter . The dissatisfaction has been noted by all !

The mods evidently approve of this bashing , I don't !

Although reading this Thread brings back thoughts on another vender issue with a LPF member .

Date line LPF : A-MF on forum received the RSJ for STD-G by LPF JAMF Vender & member. .

A-MF PM's me and we talk knowing my opinion is not favorable towards JAMF Vender- Member .

We both come up with the conclusion if he post in a thread & campaigned his dissatisfaction of how the RSJ was handled by JAMF Forum Vender .

MF would be BANNED not by Moderators, but way up the food chain .

MF took the High Road and did not trash JAMF , Although STD-G was not playable .

MF = Member Friend
RSJ = Royal Screw Job
PM = Private Message
LPF =Les Paul Forum
A-MF= Anonymous - Member Friend
JAMF = Jive Azz mother F#^ker ,also the name of my high School band
STD-G = Several Thousand Dollar - Guitar
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