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Original wiring questions for 1959 Les Paul Custom


New member
Oct 20, 2006
Hi all, sorry if they has been covered to death, but I can't find much using the search function, so.......

I'm re-wiring a 1959 LP Custom 3 pickups black beauty. It is all original, including the funky 3 way switch. When I got it, it had been modified to use the pickups very differently. I'd like it back to stock, i.e. Neck, Middle+Bridge, Bridge. Right now it's at Neck, all 3, Neck+Bridge. Continuity testing on the switch gives that result as well, so the wiring follows the switch. This is the wiring diagram I've followed, in the thread. Could some kind soul please explain how this could give original pickup selection? Treat me as you would a child.........:D