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Old Korina Content

Jan 15, 2011
The same guy that owns the Explorer above has a fake V as well with a real case...

guitar show 20 years or so ago...

i've got one of 3 '59 vee's with original case i've owned, on display and for sale (don't even get me started on the '58's). a nice tea bag type approaches me...

ntbt: i've gok a question then, gil

me: what's on your mind, fruity?

ntbt: i've gok a '58 vee, an

me: 10 grand

ntbt: wot then?

me: 10 grand.

ntbt: owed you mane?

me: for the case.

ntbt: i'll ave it then.

...just like that.

years later bcr greg seems unimpressed. me...no regrets

btw: if rich's boy want's something in writing on his exp. thing. i can help him out...but, my signature would be real expensive...and he may not like the text.