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Naylor 1x12 combo....adding another 1x12 ext???


Jul 28, 2001
Hey Everyone. I have a Naylor 1x12 combo with a 16ohm speaker. Can I safely add a 1x12 ext cab that has an 8 ohm speaker?
Heres a pic of the current setup. What would I need to do to make this work?


Active member
Jun 25, 2007
You can with a couple of caveats. A 16 ohm and an 8 ohm speaker in parallel will give you a total load of 5.3 ohms so you would probably be best to set the impedance selector to 4 ohms (close enough to make no difference). By using two speakers with different impedances the amps power will be shared unequally between the speakers, the 8 ohm speaker will be taking 67% of the power output and the 16 ohm will take 33%. This obviously means one speaker will be louder than the other and you need to make sure the extra speaker is rated for at least 67% of the amps rated power output.