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Amp Attenuation - UA Ox - Freyette PS 100 or Boss Tube Amp Expander


Jun 22, 2019
Price increases will hit just about everything for quite some time. Feds announced 7% inflation, that's the highest since '82. Strap in, hold on. Gibson pricing, particularly on Custom Shop stuff will go bonkers. Cost of labor, raw mterials shrtages, etc. hitting everywhere. Forty years ago the Fed countered with big interest rate hikes that slowly brought it down, along with the economy. Possibly even rougher seas ahead.

Plenty of folks (George Gruhn speaks to this topic @ around 35-40min.
) are of the opinion that the climbing prices we’re seeing aren’t just a function of supply chain stress and inflation adjustment, or Covid-19: there’s a new wave of demand composed of a few pieces:
  • the latter half of Baby Boomers are still spending
  • Millennials are climbing aboard as they’ve now got real buying power now (some like me are in our 40s)
  • The female headcount among axe slingers has gone up 20x
So yeah, prices are going up, which isn’t anything to cheer about as a consumer, but there are big, strong, positive reasons for it that indicate a healthy future for the industry supplying our art tools and toys.
Sorry to detour a Fryette convo, but I thought this industry insight I’m borrowing from a veteran vintage dealer to be appreciated by this crowd.

The Fryette Power Stations are not only some of the most magically invisible attenuators out there, but worth their price alone for the effects loop aspect. Just a touch of Echoplex / Space Echo and Fender Reverb / Ebo Customs E-verb on top of a Plexi… does it get better?