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    EJ signature strat question

    I need to replace the nut on one. Is the nut slot flat or radius-ed ? Thanks in advance ! :salude Not my guitar, owner wants graph tech. Any difference between Tusq and TusqXL ?
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    Live From A&R Studios ABB 1971 geeky question

    This cd has been in my car for several months now. Great stuff ! Does anyone here have any knowledge of what gear was used ? Particularly; Dickeys guitars/amps, mics. Duanes guitars/amps, mics. Berrys guitars/amps, mics. ( very refreshing to finally here the bass in the remix ) Greggs...
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    Cut down P-90 guard ? ?

    Just out of curiosity, Does anyone here know, for a fact, that Gibson Mfg. NEVER " cut down " a P-90 pick-guard to use with the new pickups in 1957. :hmm
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    Glenn Frey Tribute Statue !

    Saw this on the news. Very cool. :yah Standin on the corner in Winslow, Arizona !
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    Hello Texas Brothers !

    Hey guys, I have to fly to Austin, Sept. 1st for business. I'll be there 3 weeks. I would really like to buy a new pair of western boots while I'm there. ( good boots, not " cheapies " last me 20 years ). A quick search brought up; Allens, Heritage, Texas Custom, and Cavenders. Any...
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    A Memoriam ( Respectfully )

    Hey guys. Imo be outta town this weekend, and I didn't want to see this fall through the cracks. When you have time, ( 5 min ) have a listen. Thanks, Walt. :salude Riley B. King Blues Boy September 16, 1925 - May 14, 2015 <iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ex7oYrBM8kk"...
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    PSA Craigslist Palm Bay, FL 1946 Gibson

    No affiliation with the seller. Cool amp qhthk-5449540929@sale.craigslist.org
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    790K White Album question

    Okay, Ringos copy of the White Album sold at auction for $ 790,000.00. The review states that the White Album was numbered in sequence. I have my brothers original copy from 1968. Can someone here tell me where to look for this sequence number ? I could possibly be sitting on, like, 12 bucks...
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    How did you get HERE ?

    Specifically; What year, what song, what artist, what lick, what record.... Sparked the fire, the passion, that would build and burn ALL these years ? I'll go first; 1970. My brother left for Vietnam and left me his record collection. I was 5. Born on the Bayou Creedence Clearwater Revival...
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    Craigslist Alert ! 1980 Les Paul Standard

    Hey guys, I know there is a E-Bay Alert. What about Craigslist ? Is this okay ? If not, feel free to delete or move. I know there are a lot of youngsters and young at heart looking for these. :salude f9zgc-5303490463@sale.craigslist.org Vintage / 1980 Gibson Les Paul Standard with a...
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    Question for our host, TomGuitar

    In 1958 Concerning ES-335's How many guitars would be in a " rack " or batch ? Thank you in advance.
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    Any Veterans on the Forum ?

    If so, I would just like to say Thank You for your service ! :yah
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    Dan Erlewine is back on LPF !

    Just found out, Dan Erlewine is back online ! Guys, if you have ANY questions, now's the time to ask ! Great Day in forum history ! :salude Answers are $ 1.00 Correct answers are $ 2.00 Dumb looks are still free ! :hee
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    What is " the rule of nines " 9s

    I have heard this term casually used here. What is it ? In the guitar world, not medical, math, or music theory. Thank you in advance.
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    RIP Gary Richrath

    Very, very sad day for me. Truly a rock and roll legend. Ridin the storm out :dang