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  1. Triplet

    The Backstage Funny or Interesting Pictures Thread

    I saw a Mary Ann / Ginger selector once...
  2. Triplet

    what pickups on a 1987 bb king lucille?

    Slightly off topic, I am adverse to Nashville bridges, did they ever do a run of Lucilles with an ABR?
  3. Triplet

    Vintage Guitar Collection....1958 Flying V, Jim Peterik of Survivor, Ides of March....

    Hmmm, his 1960 Les Paul Custom seems to have the wrong last inlay or was that just for 50's LPCs?
  4. Triplet

    WD-40 for your Burst ?

    Dunno, maybe a little would be good for a nylon nut or the bridge saddles but I'd hate to have that residue on the strings and get it on me all the time. I pick up the smell of WD40 real quick - not my favorite.
  5. Triplet

    Cleaning 1974 Les Paul custom treated with 10000 cigarettes

    Naptha should be fine. It's never hurt any of my nitro guitars.
  6. Triplet

    Joe Perry's fuzz on Sweet Emotions

    Dude, seriously? I don't think there was a top ten hit in the 70's that wasn't sexist. Ok, maybe the Carpenters...
  7. Triplet

    Guild S 100 Polara

    I've got a 63-64 but it's totally reworked so I can't give you a stock perspective. It's got PAT#s in it, ABR, new (old) pots and Grovers. They all date from early 70's. Sounds great but just a tad neck heavy as the kick stand was removed.
  8. Triplet

    Help with info for 69/70 Les Paul?

    Something refinned that long ago will prolly blacklight fairly evenly. I don' think it's worth the time.
  9. Triplet

    Marcus King

    No, I don't think so. Seemed to just a string of common weedly weedlies together in the same key. Can I do all of them? No, prolly not but I know enough not to string them all together (and it's mushy). I don't want this to be all negative, the kid does have talent.
  10. Triplet

    92 EDS 1275 Mahogany neck??

    Looks like tight grain mahogany. A look under the trussrod cover should tell you.
  11. Triplet

    Favorite Players Playing a Les Paul Deluxe

    Toy Caldwell played one.
  12. Triplet

    1970 Fender Rosewood Telecaster and 1969 Gibson SG Standard

    I remember those rosewoods being pretty darn heavy.
  13. Triplet

    No fat necked SGs

    If you don't mind something newish, all the early 2000's Pete Townsend SGs are really chunky. I think they are still reasonably priced if you can find one.
  14. Triplet

    Jimmy McCulloch—the sad ending of his guitar playing tenure

    I always wondered if it was an amicable split from Wings. I don't remember McCartney saying much about it.
  15. Triplet

    A true 1968 Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Yes, we forumites are scum and generally live to discredit anyone and anything, BUT, those caps are not original. (I would defer to MoonWeasel but he's been MIA for awhile.)