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    Congrats! Beautiful top!
  2. Torshalla

    Three Wise Bursts - Merry Christmas!

    Amazing guitars! Enjoy! Merry Xmas all!!!
  3. Torshalla

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Thank you for taking the time to respond Mat, really appreciate it. I cannot blame him either, it is working haha 😅🤣… i want one…
  4. Torshalla

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Hi Mat, I see some info is starting to get released about what may be a ML KH Greeny… can you tell us more? :) And more importantly, how do i make sure i get one? 😅
  5. Torshalla

    2553 Jubilee

    Congrat! Great amp!
  6. Torshalla

    Duane Hotlanta 29 and Nicky CC24A 111

    Congrats mate, 2 amazing LPs!!!
  7. Torshalla

    Skinnerburst vs Nicky

    Not easy to find both of these locally to be able to try them… I would recommend to buy them both if you can afford it and then sell the one you like least, they sell very easily (if you are not asking for unreasonable amounts)…
  8. Torshalla

    Need recommendations for "bedroom" tube amp

    I have a few low wattsge amps (JTM1, JMP1, JCM1, JVM1, SL5)… but to be honest i only play through my Quad Cortex… and Kemper before that. Cannot beat the simplicity and they sound just as good as the real amps, or better as volume is not an issue and they can be run at their sweet spot at any...
  9. Torshalla

    Need recommendations for "bedroom" tube amp

    That amp sounds killer…
  10. Torshalla

    NAD - Marshall

    Congrats! Amazing amp!
  11. Torshalla

    Flametop Friday!!!

    Happy Fucking Flametop Friday!
  12. Torshalla

    Just announced by Gibson CS: Korina Explorer & Flying V!

    Congrats mate she looks gorgeous!!!!
  13. Torshalla

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Regarding the microchips… can these be used to authenticate guitars and are Gibson thinking off letting agents / service partners use these for authentication? Would be pretty cool for the service guy to read the chip, get the original specs, and know what to use to keep to such original specs…