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    Vintage Strat Tuners

    Sounds like it might be a problem with the nut slots grabbing the strings. Check to make sure the slots are wide enough for the strings.
  2. Toecutter

    Strange pickup issue

    Sounds like a break in one of the pickup winding.
  3. Toecutter

    Kosssoff's Tailpiece, Bridge,and Stud conundrum

    Yes more then likely the neck is twisted or bowed. As for holy grail guitar/equipment anything, the players fingers and technique are the holy grail. Those players that are worshiped could play any POS guitar and still make it sound amazing. I would like to see more players concentrating on...
  4. Toecutter

    Is this an original bridge?

    I Believe that's actually an SG Pro, and not the original bridge.
  5. Toecutter

    Million Dollar Guitar!

    You better hurry before this one's gone... It's only $100,000 for a $1 million dollar guitar! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: BTW, not my guitar. https://www.ebay.com/itm/124718661471?hash=item1d09cfbf5f:g:FJsAAOSwOJ1gmYQo
  6. Toecutter

    SG Harness in Firebird

    Why not just build a harness with new CTS pots and some quality capacitors like orange drops. Building one would ensure quality as well as correct fitment.
  7. Toecutter

    tried 50's wiring, weird result

    Sounds like you didn't ground the unused leg on the volume pot.
  8. Toecutter

    pots and caps on 74 les paul custom

    500K CTS brand pots with Spraque .022 uF brown drop molded capacitors (see photo).
  9. Toecutter

    Inherited a Rolex. Does Anyone Know About Them?

    Nice Rolex Submariner. I have a similar no date model, but mine is the older 2 line text model which used radioactive radium for the glow of the hands and dial dots. The most common service need for a Rolex watch is lubrication. When the lubrication ages, it can dry up and or get gummy...
  10. Toecutter

    Do we like 1974 Les Paul Customs?

    I have a 72 Les Paul Custom that was a basket case when I bought it. The neck needed to be fixed from a bad repair, as well as the fingerboard needing to be completely replaced. The paint is original except for the neck repair which I blended it into the original finish. The thing is a monster...
  11. Toecutter

    Aparently EBAY is now allowing counterfeit Gibson guitars (A.K.A.Chibsons)

    I apologize for double posting this, but I initially posted this in the bayWatch forum, but looks like no one reads it. I wanted more folks to see it. I was looking for some parts on EBAY last night and I came across at least 10 auctions featuring counterfeit Gibson guitars, some advertised as...
  12. Toecutter

    Is it real, or is it Photoshop??

    I was recently was playing around on EBAY with one of the scammers trying to sell a 56 Goldtop. For fun I emailed him (through one of my hotmail accounts), He wants $6500. I told him I was would like to buy the guitar, but before I bought it, I needed him to send me a picture of the guitar with...
  13. Toecutter

    1960 Les Paul Junior restoration project pics

    http://www.lilypix.com/photos/showalbum.php?uuid=600&aid=3113 Here's some shots of my recently completed 1960 Les Paul Junior restoration project. It was pretty much a mess when I got it, and was refinished in an ugly brown color, but most importantly no breaks or routes! It does however have...
  14. Toecutter

    Factory Renecked 52 Gold top

    Looks like a clean 52 GT with a factory reneck from 61. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=38086&item=3749970683&rd=1