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    9 1181 Listed for sale

    I'm always a bit surprised to see a 'burst for sale in online markets. https://reverb.com/hk/item/3094003-gibson-les-paul-standard-1959-sunburst The photos in BSN are limited, but do appear to be of the same guitar. Put up for sale in the UK. Looks like an interesting top.
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    Blackened Frets.

    Over the past few months, I've been working with a Hong Kong-based guitar collector. The NDA is quite specific, so I can't properly answer any questions about quantity, models and years. Suffice to say, it's a VAST collection, the like of which I'll likely only ever see once in a lifetime...
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    1992 Jimmy Page Tone Pot Question

    I've got a 1992 Jimmy Page signature model with the four PP pots. When the bridge pickup is selected, the tone control seems to act more as a bass/level cut than a treble cut. The pot has been replaced, to no avail. As the guitar came to me, all the wiring was unaltered factory original. I did a...
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    Uncle Lou's '59

    What's become of the '59 that Uncle Lou was auctioning in January? Has it found a new home, or has it returned to that hiding place under his bed? (beside the MAC 10) :nelson
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    Info Requested

    I'd like to hear from one of the resident experts, regarding 8-5395. Please respond to my e-mail address. Thank you. >>thetubedoctor@yahoo.com<<
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    Vintage Caps?

    A new customer (collector) has recently contacted me regarding some work on his Les Paul. It was, at one time in its life, a gold-top. However, a teenage infatuation with Jeff Beck led to it being refinished. The pickups were also changed to HB's. Fortunately, many of the original parts seem...
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    Unusual Pots. HELP!!!

    Does anyone know where on God's Green Earth I might find replacements for those sealed, 25 K-ohm pots on a Steinberger? I've rebuilt them twice already, but the little bits that hold them together were never intended to be undone and redone, ever! It's a good touring axe, not nearly as sweet...