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  1. Stratoben127

    My '53 Goldtop Doesn't Have A Hole In It Anymore

    It's been a long time coming for this guitar to get repaired- 40+ years, in fact- but it's finally free of unnecessary holes. I'm sure many of you know the story behind me getting this guitar last November from the original owner. It was routed for humbuckers, had some screw holes from a...
  2. Stratoben127

    FT/FS: Mint PRS 25th Anniversary '68 Plexi Head For Tele

    I just got this amp to once again scratch the Marshall itch and it is my favorite Plexi style amp I've owned so far, including Germinos, Reinhardts, 70s Metal Panels, and other clones. However, my main rig is still based around the Fender amp sound and I don't want to have money tied up in an...
  3. Stratoben127

    1960s Harmony 1215 Archtop $300

    1960s Harmony 1215 Archtop $250 Running a little holiday sale. Just $250 for a cool solid wood, U.S.A made archtop from the 60s with no issues. It's missing the pick guard but that's about it. Can't read the date stamp, but they were all the same from 63-71. Plays with low action and has no...
  4. Stratoben127

    FS/FT: CLEAN and Original 1965 Blackface Fender Reverb (6G15)

    FS: CLEAN and Original 1965 Blackface Fender Reverb (6G15) .
  5. Stratoben127

    NAD: '61/'62 Blonde Bassman with some interesting features

    Late last night I was contacted about doing a local trade swapping my 1974 Marshall JMP50 for his Blonde Bassman. He wasn't sure exactly what year it was but said it had recently been fully checked out by a reputable local tech. A few hours ago he brought it over so he could check out my...
  6. Stratoben127

    FSOT: 1974 Marshall JMP50

  7. Stratoben127

    NAD: '74 Marshall JMP50

    Just picked this up today for my 19th birthday using some money I made from my first major tour earlier this month playing with Butch Trucks from the Allman Brothers. Pretty fitting gift to myself, I think. I'm normally a Blackface Fender guy all the way. My main amp is an Alessandro 1/2AZZ...
  8. Stratoben127

    Brian Ray SG Owners Chime In

    I'm about to pull the trigger on one for a really great price. I'm primarily an SG player with my main guitar being a Dickey Betts SG. My only other electric is a '53 LP with humbuckers and I keep the two in different tunings, so I've been looking for a third guitar that can be used in a pinch...
  9. Stratoben127

    Doing it. Incoming 1952 L-7C with McCarty pickup.

    I made a thread earlier asking if it would be worth it to sell my 000-18 for an L-7C I accidentally fell in love with. Lots of great advice, but I still couldn't get peace of mind until I tried my guitar against the L-7 to see if I could live with only one of them. The L-7 blew my Martin (a...
  10. Stratoben127

    Sell my 000-18 for a '52 L-7C w/McCarty pickup?

    Hey guys, I'm torn about selling one of my guitars for a guitar I found today. My only acoustic is a 1951 Martin 000-18. It's beat up, but has never had a neck reset or any cracks. It is one of the better acoustics I've played, though I've really liked ones that were cheaper. It's mostly...
  11. Stratoben127

    Wraparound to dogear/bowtie with a trapeze?

    I was looking at pictures of some different '52 Les Pauls with an ABR/Short trap set up and of course TW's former burst "Cooper" with the aftermarket trapeze and I got to thinking I might want to do something similar with my '53 wraptail with humbuckers. The guitar originally came with a...
  12. Stratoben127

    Dream amp #2 of 2 coming home! 1964 Deluxe Reverb

    Wow. On Saturday I walked into a guitar store to browse and ended up putting some money down on a well-priced Quad Reverb. At the same time I was also testing some guitars out through a player grade '65 Deluxe that sounded remarkably good. I had pretty much no money aside for a few hundred for...