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  1. snag

    Joe Walsh with Jimmy Pages number one burst before he sold it to him. Pictures.

    In Jimmy's studio pics, what is that attached to the headstock at the logo?
  2. snag


    Right, 6 and 7, thanks!
  3. snag


    Does anyone know if the fall Philly Guitar Show is a go for Nov 7 and 8 this year (2021)?
  4. snag

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    C'mon, everyone's disappointment in each other is the most entertaining aspect of this post.
  5. snag

    Les Paul R0 fretboard

    A question mark doesn't necessarily mean a question, just that the ? key on your keyboard works.
  6. snag

    Nugent's TWO bursts up for auction

    Binky Phillips bought Rick Derringer's burst in the early 70's and 5 years or so later had Jeff Beck 'carve' his signature on the back with a bic pen... so the story goes.
  7. snag

    Let's see pics of you gigging with your Lester!

    It's not all fun and games... wait, yes it is!
  8. snag


    I'm thinking of putting Dimarzio Super Distortions in my 2006 Standard. Are there different ones for bridge and neck or not? Will I lose warm rich low tone if i just put two of the same in? Thanks - Snag
  9. snag

    Does Page's #2 have double whites?

    I've seen pics of Page's #2 (presumably) with double whites in the bridge pickup and some pics with blacks. Seems to be mid 70's with violin bow and then again with the 2010 introduction of the Page#2 signature LP they were white. Were they changed out and back again? What songs did he use #2...
  10. snag

    I love my Classic

    ... with the hot pups, I really do! I've had it 3 years now and love how it snarls thru any amp. Two weeks ago I got a Standard to compliment it. They are both 2006's. the Standard is mellower. It's like the Classic get rubber as soon as you touch the gas and the Standard does when you floor it...
  11. snag

    Baby got a sister

    My 06 classic has a new sister now. An 06 standard plus. Mellower color, mellower tone, 60's neck... I'm in heaven! Made a nice profit off a recent sale that allowed this purchase to happen.
  12. snag

    496-500s pups - bad rap!

    I just finished working out on my 2006 Classic. It's got the ceramic pups - 496 and 500, which sound superb to me. They're plenty hot indeed when I attack it, but there is much warmth and softness too. Plenty of jangle when dialed in. I play through a Fender Twin, a Randall RX120, a little...