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    Custom Bucker 7.6k is anemic when not on 10

    Have you tried cranking the amp more and rolling up the volume on the guitar to its sweet spot? I have Wildwood Spec AIII Underwood PAFs that are in the 7k ballpark that roar. If I crank my Deluxe Reverb clone to 5 or higher, I most definitely end up playing with the volumes rolled off quite a...
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    Ivison Dakota

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    How to describe the sound of your Les Paul

    ..hmm...it has the tone of a plank of wood with some strings attached to it :D ..the magic happens when it is plugged in for sure
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    Sight unseen

    I agree. I’ve purchased 8 guitars from Wildwood via their online store and have never been disappointed. One of the few places I’d buy from without first handling/playing the guitar. Quite a few of my guitars were demo’ed by Greg Koch. One time he even did a back to back shootout of three...
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    Pick-up issue. Advice requested.

    Very cool..I totally get it, especially for a stage guitar!
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    Pick-up issue. Advice requested.

    I hope some of the tips that have been described above work, but your experience reinforces why wax potting became a huge thing, historically. I used to gig in the 90's, typically on small stages, with a loud ass band, and wax potted pickups were a blessing, especially when I kicked on...
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    Pick-up issue. Advice requested.

    I remember watching videos of Gary Moore playing live, using what I think was Peter Green's LP, and he would masterfully roll the volume off when he sang or took his hands of his guitar..it was Jedi level stuff, and he undoubtedly did it to control squealing.
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    who makes the absolute best vintage Firebird mini buckers ?

    Will the Klein’s, Mojotones, Lollars fit in the Firebird reissue rings? Conversely, will the SD Antiquities be too small necessitating vintage sized rings?
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    Deadspots after shimming

    I run stew Mac shims in my two JM's, a Tele, and even in a Strat. I tend to like to improve the neck angle in my Fenders in general, but the JM's definitely need it the most. I also find that a flat neck relief helps to get more harmonic content out of the guitar set up, with more zing and less...
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    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Sorry to have a bee in my bonnet about WIldwood spec stuff, but the WW P90’s have AIII magnets, and are underwound, correct?
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    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Thank you for the response. Since I like my 2014 Wildwood CustomBuckers so much, and they are potted, I want to know if I'm hearing a light or heavy, or I suppose moderate, potting. Can you shed any light on this per chance? Also do you have any knowledge regarding the resistance of the...
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    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Is this basically the same as the Wildwood spec under wound Custombucker? Are the ohm readings in the mid 7’s with these underwound custombuckers ? And these were wax potted correct? Did they have a light wax potting or a more extensive waxing? I have a 2014 Wildwood featherweight spec LP...
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    How do you pick a great Les Paul historic ?

    Absolutely. The other Elephant in the room is that it is pretty common for people to be obsessed with the tone of a guitar or amp but hardly be able to play even one tone-full note, before moving to the next poorly fretted and picked sour note. But instead of fixing their playing, they start...