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  1. rob livesey

    End of Year.

    Happy New Year Paul & Audrey ! I do hope we get to see each other this year. All the very best, Rob
  2. rob livesey

    Grace under fire....

    That’s great news Paul. Hope you and Audrey have a lovely Christmas, and here’s to a better New Year! Rob
  3. rob livesey

    LPF UK meet IV 2022.

    That’s going to be great! I’ll bring my ‘69 and ‘70 335’s to add to that.
  4. rob livesey

    LPF UK meet IV 2022.

    I haven’t seen Martin for a while, so it will be great if he can come. He can talk for England mind you! Rick sent me some little demo videos a couple of weeks ago featuring a new amp he’s working on. I hope he can bring that.
  5. rob livesey

    LPF UK meet IV 2022.

    Count me in! I’ll bring the Gartone, it’s obligatory.
  6. rob livesey

    LPF Roll Call - sound off

    Hi Paul, ok up here in Morecambe. All the family including us have had it (my eldest son and his girlfriend have had it twice!). The only one in our family who appears immune is Jan's Dad, who at the age of 94, is batting on living independently in his flat close by. How he didn't succumb is...
  7. rob livesey

    Grace under fire....

    So chuffed for you both Paul, and relieved. She is indeed a remarkable woman. I shall think of you both on the 5th. Rob
  8. rob livesey

    Grace under fire....

    Paul, I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending love and strength to you and Audrey, and know that you will both be in my thoughts every day. If you need anything, even just a chat, you know where I am. Man hug, Rob
  9. rob livesey

    Betts/toler 58 refin for sale?

    Hi Don, I believe Matthieu Lucas has this one in Paris. He runs a shop called Matt’s Guitar Shop and there’s a few pics of the guitar on his Facebook page. We met once at a Les Paul Forum meet up at Richard Henry’s studio a couple of years ago. He had flown over to buy the ex AC/DC L5S that...
  10. rob livesey

    Orange label in a 1970 335?

    I’ve been discussing details of a guitar which is owned by an old friend. It’s a cherry 335, stoptail converted. It has a three piece neck, volute (not a small volute), and Made in USA stamp. Everything about it tells me it should have a purple diamond label but it doesn’t, it has an oval...
  11. rob livesey

    Adding a Stoptail to a 1969 335?

    Hi Chaps, I picked this one up this week. I think it's 69 based on features. One piece neck, no volute, no "Made in USA", witch hats, no dot over the "i" in Gibson and the one pot I can read with a dental mirror is dated 11th week of 1968. I have a desire to add a stoptail, as it is a little...
  12. rob livesey

    NGD x 2 - UK Clearance sale: 2017 Historic 1958 Standard Les Pauls

    Hi Chaps, There has been a bit of a frenzy over this side of the pond over the last week or so. In readiness for the launch of the 2019 line-up, Gibson have been clearing the decks of all the 2017 '58 and '59 reissues laying in European warehouses. I heard it's about 300 guitars in total. A...
  13. rob livesey

    NVGD: '60 Special, hot rod mutt

    I picked this one up from Richard Henry on Friday, he posted it up the day before, and I knew I had to move quickly. This is a real players guitar, lots of wear and battle scars with a few modifications and changes. Importantly, the finish is original and it's had no breaks or repairs. After a...
  14. rob livesey

    Jumping@Shadows, this is a job for you! Butchered Junior content - be prepared!

    Yuuki, do you think you could save this one? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122242748493 The poor thing. Rob.
  15. rob livesey

    5F4 Super, which Celestions have you tried?

    My Victoria Super is now on top form caps and tubes wise. However, I think the reissue Jensen P10R's are a little underwhelming. I know Joe B runs Celestion 10's in his Bassmans, and I really dig that tone. Has anyone got any recommendations as to what I should try out first? Or indeed, does...