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Recent content by ptrickamp222

  1. ptrickamp222

    New 55 Jr Sun Pic's and Serial Number

    Here are some sun Pic's for a better look and a Pic of a Partial of the Serial number. She really Rings with the 71' metal panel PTP w/Xf2 double getter Mullard's in the power section and preamp. With a real Hot long smooth plate Telefunkn for the PI. 'Y' corded on about bright 5 and normal 7...
  2. ptrickamp222

    New 55' Jr to the Family

    These are quik nite Pic's. It's a 55' Jr sent back to the factory in 57' for the long stop tail studs and bumble bee Cap as far as I can tell. 57' serial number over 55' serial number. That's a good thing that the factory did it. I had my luthier check it out before final purchase. I thought...
  3. ptrickamp222

    Celestion Cone Codes/Pulsonic RIC???

    Is the RIC cone code original or a recone????? What does it match in tone 102 003, 102 014, 1777, 444?????? Any info would be appreciated. I've read that some people have pulled original speakers out with the red paint still intact with the RIC cone. Suppose to stand for Rola/Celestion......:fc
  4. ptrickamp222

    71' Marshall Metal Panel finished / Pic's

    Had to repair the bias pot. Rewire the bias to the hot side of the standby. Removed the wire from the 220k to the rectifier and installed from the 220K bias to the Hot side of the standby. Install a NOS .68 Mustard on V2 cathode. Installed screen & bias resistor's on the power sockets. Blew /...
  5. ptrickamp222

    71' Marshall Bias Fixed!!!

    Thanks to all for the input!!!! I first installed a 25K linear pot from Metro....perfect fit!!!!! Installed NOS Mullard's and WA LA!!!!! Biased at 65% at 432Vdc on the plates right in the middle of the sweep of the pot! I did not have to change the bias resistor....the 47K. The pot was bad...
  6. ptrickamp222

    71' Marshall Standby Switch / Hot side

    My new 71 needs the bias wire moved to the hot side of the standby. Do I just move the wire going to the diode to the 220K then to diode????Move it by itself or move the top 2 Blue one's / one of the bias leads and swap them with the red leads on the bottom. Looking in from the top of the...
  7. ptrickamp222

    71' Marshall Bias Problem

    I just got my 71 and the bias is way to cold on all sets of Mullards. Now the bias pot feels bad! Where can I get a bias pot and what do I change the 47K bias resistor to get the right bias???? Plate voltage is 417Vdc. and the bias at max was 25mA. Now it dropped and the pot is bad...........Or...
  8. ptrickamp222

    71' 50 watter Marshall

    Will be here Wed!!!! Here are some Pic's............I have a NOS .68 Mustard for V2. Will do a Voltage and Tone check first. Caps look original .....F&T's in the future...... :peace2 Looks like Mullard's to me. The only thing changed I believe is the filter caps on the power...
  9. ptrickamp222

    Vintage Marshall Filter Caps

    Hey all you Vintage Marshall experts. I have a early 71' metal panel coming real quick. All stock in great condition. Looks like original filter caps. I always change filter and cathode caps on my vintage amps. Hate to have a few dollar part take out a vintage power tranny. What filter caps do...
  10. ptrickamp222

    Celestion speakers / Different Tone???

    What's the difference in tone from a pre Rola T1221 lead cone to a T1511 w/ 6 102 014 cones on 25w/Greenbacks / 75Hz????? Slant top 4x12. Thanks for any input!!!
  11. ptrickamp222

    NOS BB# 2 & 3

    `I purchased from a pickup maker a set of Burstbuckers NOS never used. I believe in the gold lined boxes. I used the #2 for the front pickup with a Custom Fralin for the Back. How do you tell the old original BB's. The covers are on. I took off the front one and install a custom authenic cover...
  12. ptrickamp222

    Marshall 72'/50watter/Pic's/SoundClips

    Well here's some Pic's to go with the MP3. Been out of practice for a year w/ back surgery....enough excuses:lol R9>BOR>Dan Echo>Boss RV-2>Marshall both inputs around 4>New 1936 Cab and New Celestion Heritage 20 watter's. Sennheiser e609 Mic>ArtStudioPreamp>M Audio>USB>Audacity. "Ode to Iommi"...
  13. ptrickamp222

    72' Marshall 50 / Finished / Pic's

    Added NOS Mustard .68 to V2. Rubber grommets to the chassis. Wood glued the slight tears in the Tolex. Got a set of Mullard EL-34's acoming in the mail. I already have plenty of Mullard 12ax7's. This Thang sounds like every pedal and amp I had that I wished it sounded like......:lol...
  14. ptrickamp222

    Marshall Bulgin Power Cord

    I need the bulgin connector for a 72 Marshall. Mine is alittle used. 7/8in or 22.2250mm outside diameter. Does anyone know where to find???Thanks!!
  15. ptrickamp222

    New Pics of 72 Marshall Tranny's

    Check these out and let me know what you think. The Mains was bent and realigned. The numbers look stock. Also own a Dr Z Airbrake by Ken Fisher. Used it on a lot of amps no Probs. Dr Z says that Lenny Kravtiz used 6 airbrakes for 2 yrs no Problems. But........what do you Vintage Marshall owners...