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    LP jr., Sunn amp …I dig it !

    That was painful
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    Stainless Steel Refret Before & After - CS R7

    If there is a real difference it is so slight I don't believe many can hear it. Good video by the way.
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    1997 R9

    I have found a dead mint 1997 R9 with a fantastic Flamed top. The dealer is asking what I think is way to much. He say about $5500 to $6000. He hasn't decided yet. What would be a fair price for one of these?
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    Help: Guitar Tech needed

    I need help finding a Guitar tech to tackle a neck leveling and fret recrown. I live in the Omaha, NE. area. Anyone know of anyone in this area that they would trust for this type of work. Thanks for your help.
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    Help: Guitar Tech needed

    I have a 96 Lester that needs a neck leveling and recrown. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good trustworthy Tech in the Omaha, NE. area. It's my only Lester so I am a little worried about having just anyone work on it. Thanks for your help.
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    My first Lester

    I have been stopping and reading threads here for some time. It helped me a lot when I finally started to look for my first Lester. I have played the same Strat now for twenty years. I've always wanted a Les Paul but could never find one I could afford that wasn't all beat to hell. I walked into...