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Recent content by Pimmie

  1. Pimmie

    RS/Tone Pros or Crazy Parts?

    Can anyone tell me the quality difference in these 3 brands? Are the Craze Parts bridges and studs as good as RS or Tone Pros?
  2. Pimmie

    R4 Replacement bridge

    I know there are a lot of posts about this, but I like to know if there people who can tell me the difference between a Pigtail or Gotoh aluminum replacement bridge. Or a Schaller or something... The bridge on my R4 has to many groove's and need to be replaced. So I'm looking for a bridge that...
  3. Pimmie

    Marshall help needed....

    Hi, The handle of my Marshall top has come a little of, after 40 years it became a little waggy... Can somebody tell me how I can remove the gold top of the handle without breaking it? thnx!:salude
  4. Pimmie

    TW...!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    Tom, please shoot me an email!!! I've lost your adress!! GRZ, Pim.
  5. Pimmie

    Rev Billy F Gibbons ?

    Me and my girlfriend are both Dutch musicians and like to get married in a way that suits us the best. We talked about different ways to commit ourselves but one thing keeps poppin' in our heads. We really like to get married by Billy F Gibbons. Do you perhaps know if that's a possibility? He...
  6. Pimmie

    Eelco Gelling 1960 burst

    Last saturday I went to see Eelco and his band play...He owns one guitar, his 1960 Les Paul since the 70's... After the gig he asked me to go with him to the dressing room so I could hold his guitar. He told me to bring my guitar the next time, so we can play some lefthanded songs :rofl The...
  7. Pimmie

    Eelco Geeling Burst in action

    This saterday is this 1960 burst in action at Mook in Holland with the Eelco Gelling band. If I speak the man (and he still remembers me) I will try to make some pic's and post them here... He has this burst since the 70's :salude
  8. Pimmie

    Porn inside ...

    Haven't been posting for a while, and when I took some pic's of my new python strap I thought I share it with you ... I picked up a python skin at a garage sale and had them make a strap out of it ... :salude
  9. Pimmie

    Help, what is this ?

    Hi all, A friend of mine asked about the value of this guitar...He said it was a custom shop model from 1984 till 1987. It has serial 81355508 and a Explorer (?) headstock... I never saw one of these...do you have any info of it ? thnx...:salude
  10. Pimmie

    Help ! Songs needed !!

    I'm going to a blues project with some very good musicians, some great horn playes, very good keyboard player. Now I'm looking for some cool blues songs to play where they can play there hearts out....They all have a jazz back ground so I can't let them play some to easy tunes. I found 2 songs...
  11. Pimmie

    High "e" fall-off LP STD

    Have a fret check by a luthier....or have a more narrow nut.. I had the same thing on my R4 after a re-fret, they put on a nut with the same measurement as my standard....prob solved...
  12. Pimmie

    R4 video

    I found a video of my old band 3 years ago when I got my R4 a year. It was a Blues Brothers tribute band. I can't remember waht amp I used, believe it was a re-issue SLP but because it was taped in my home town, it could have been a 69 Supertremolo. Front was a DB set with 2 Midas tables. Maybe...
  13. Pimmie

    14 y old Jimmy Page

    this is funny, a 14 year old Jimmy Page ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFv_FIhEti4&search=jimmy%20page
  14. Pimmie

    Do this jam !!! It's fun !!

    This is fun.... :salude Do the jam...you can create the sounds with your keyboard... http://www.guitarshredshow.com/
  15. Pimmie

    1965 Super Reverb

    I 've had this amp for years, but never could get my sound on it with a LP. It sounded very harsh. But I always loved the amp...the last few weeks I started using it at home and the volume was going up and down, so something was loose...I took it to a friend of mine and he fixed it. At the same...