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    Custom Shop Skylark Prototype

    Hey guys, I came across this thread in the Sunburst Pub and thought I would expand a little on it here as it would seem fit. Anyway, it talks about a new prototype Custom Shop guitar based off the Skylark lap steel of the 50s. Here's the thread...
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    My new (and first) historic

    Well here she is, my first historic. Non-VOS and a stinger to boot! http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/lespaul506/album?.dir=201fre2
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    Opinions/Pics of Gibson's 336?

    Hey everyone, I'm seriously considering purchasing a CS-336 and wondered what you all thought of yours. I remember loving the one I played as I don't play anything very heavy and think it would be a nice addition. Can anyone who has one post pics of it? I'm also debating on the color, I think...
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    Problem switching channels

    I have a fairly new (few years old) Fender Champion 30 amp, and it all of a sudden won't switch into the 2nd channel. And this isn't w/ a pedal or anything, straight from the amp itself. Anyone with suggestions?
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    AHHH! stupid G-String!

    Ok, when I pick the G-string it now not only buzzes on my stupid un-even frets, but it makes this 'plop' sound like you threw a stone into a pond. Sometimes it will also rattle the bridge. I've tried loosening and tightning the screw on the bridge and it still does it, any help?
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    Bargain basement shootout, help! (Big Al?)

    I'm looking for an amp to replace my battery-marshall (yeah, yeah) anyway I'm looking cheap cause I have a multitude of other things I need to buy. I'm looking at either a Champion 30, a Princeton 65 (watt, not RI) or a blues jr. (MF has a cool blonde/oxblood one) I'm looking for clean tone but...
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    It's official! Flying V Custom!

    scchhwweeeet one of my favs from Nashville! yum! wonder what the price is... http://www.gibsoncustom.com/Limiteds/Current/CustomV.htm
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    50th Aniv. LP on eBay

    what a waste of an LP and korina http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=885954052
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    fret leveling, help!

    I'm looking to level my frets myself for various reasons. 1) I don't know of any tech around here 2) it's not an incredibly valuable guitar, it's just my only guitar and 3) if I want to do it for a living better get practice. So does anyone have any suggestions on what to get or tips? I've been...
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    Interesting find at Dave's

    Nice lookin axe, an LP junior on steriods. http://www.davesguitar.com/Goldtop.JPG
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    New Authentics at Wildwood

    nice lookin' too! All in the 'washed cherry' and instead of Grovers they have greened klusons http://www.wildwoodguitars.com/Gibson_Historic_58_LesPaul_Page.html
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    Double your pleasure, double your fun

    ...that's the statement of the great mint in Doublemint gum. Anyway, anyone see this guy selling 2 aged R9's at once on ebay? the darker color one sure looks nice to me http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1496858325
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    Electric problems

    When I'm playing, and I switch to Treble, sometimes I won't get any sound other than the acoustic non amplified sound (ie i get no sound) It could be a bad connection from the cord to amp, but I don't exactally think that's it. Any suggestions?
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    Rosewood top Custom?

    There's a 70's custom on eBay with a Brazillian rosewood top...anyone know anything about these? Beautiful guitar, but i bet the Braz wood is very expensive to do a whole top in.... http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1468904432
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    could someone explain to me the radius of necks? Thanks.