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  1. Les-Zombie

    NGD- Joe Perry Aged #004

    Excuse the poor grammar, i didnt attened very much school haha, i hated it. Normally i dont make new gear day but i wanna say a few things about this guitar because theres been alot of talk about the perryburst in the last month. im a huge joe perry and slash fan and ive been excited about...
  2. Les-Zombie

    ngd- jimmy page 2 #17

    I finally got around to taking some photos of my page 2 vos, mine is number 17 and im really impressed with it, i love the pickups in these guitars and for the type of music i play they sound great thru my amps. one thing i will add is that theres so many combinations to tones with the 2...
  3. Les-Zombie

    Jimmy page #2, whats the verdict

    Ok guys i wanted to know how everybody feels about these guitars now that you have had time to really get to know what it can do, seems like a cool run and lots of tones. Do you guys like the feel of the neck and the color What are your fav tone combinations How does the bridge pu compare to...
  4. Les-Zombie

    Aged gary moore or rossington lp

    Just thinking about both these guitars and i was wondering what u guys think about them, which would you rather own and why? Im selling a guitar and if everything works out i should be able to buy one of these, i like both but cant decide if i should wait and find a used rossington or just try...
  5. Les-Zombie

    took some better pearly pics

    I used my wifes camera to take a few better pics than the ones i took last year, im still inlove with this guitar just as much as the day i got it. I wished i had the cash to buy another one.
  6. Les-Zombie

    50th-anniversary R9 #35

    50th anni from the first 500 with the gold coa and gloss. I finally got some decent pics and im sure some of you might dig it, i tried to take pics at different angles because sometimes i see pics of a guitar at only one angle and i wonder how it looks at other angles. the guitar is everything...
  7. Les-Zombie

    2009 R9 buying question

    2009 R9 50th anni on the way my question has been answered and i appreciate the help guys. i ended up buying the 50th anni R9 instead of the lemonburst vos, it is number #35. i cant wait to get it and its gonna be some long days before it gets here.
  8. Les-Zombie


    I got this a few months ago, i figured some of you might like this guitar. i bought it used since i couldnt find a vos at any of the dealers i knew of. its one of my favorite guitars i have ever owned, its brighter sounding than my other lesters but sounds awsome and has alot of cut for a band...
  9. Les-Zombie


    I picked up pearly gates vos #48 today, im really happy with the guitar. it sounds great and i love the neck shape, its very vibrant and resonate where you can feel it all the way down the neck and headstock, fretwork is great too. i cant find anything to compain about on this guitar except for...
  10. Les-Zombie

    Jimmy page custom authentic ?

    I've been thinking about trying to get a Jimmy page custom authentic and I was wondering what's the going rates these days. I searched alot of old threads and I can't seem to find a value on what a decent price is. The page seems like a cool guitar, anybody have any thoughts good or bad...
  11. Les-Zombie


    I got this guitar last night and so far i really like it, the color looks better in person than in pics. so far the only complaint i have is that it weighs more than my other lesters but i cant complain too much because the tone kicks ass. i have 5 other lp and 2 of them are zakk wylde models...
  12. Les-Zombie


    I got massive gas and its been happening all month, this month bought a splawn quickrod, prs tribal tremonti, esp urban camo m2, and now this. its a class 5 with the most bad ass top ive seen. ive been wanting a quilt like this for years. i should have it on monday. [
  13. Les-Zombie

    anybody have a class 5 and like it

    i just bought a class 5 and i wanted to know what people who played and owned them thought about them. i should get it next week. most people say they are over priced and i think they are but i dont care about that. how do they sound and play. hows the neck feel and hows the pups. any opinions...
  14. Les-Zombie

    heres some pics of my les pauls

    heres my les pauls, all of them are custom shop guitars. slash and a boneyard camo and bulleye zakk lp 05 r9
  15. Les-Zombie


    I read that theres gonna be a new zakk custom shop guitar. has anybody heard what its gonna be.