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Recent content by Joshabr1

  1. Joshabr1

    Did Gibson logo vary on 50’s juniors??

    Yes they varied as they aged … The mop logos all varied as well.
  2. Joshabr1

    Slash on Bob & Tom show

    Meanwhile 12 years later the Bob and Tom show is still going strong.
  3. Joshabr1

    Historic Makeovers: R7 -> R9

    Not all eastern maple has mineral streaks. Plenty of burst didn’t have them. Big leaf (western) is a straighter looking grain than yours. To me. But I may be wrong. It’s a beautiful top regardless
  4. Joshabr1

    Historic Makeovers: R7 -> R9

    Looks like eastern maple to me.
  5. Joshabr1

    Tom Doyle “time machine” guitars ???

    Anyone heard about this. ??? Seen a video that showed a pretty awesome sounding guitar ? Said to qualify they had to be an historic 2014 or later??
  6. Joshabr1

    Got a cool strap? Let's see it.

    Customer made this for me out of buffalo hide off a pic of Duane’s. Think he done a hell of a job
  7. Joshabr1

    Where is Mike Bloomfield's Burst now?

    Does Smurk Riff have Beano??
  8. Joshabr1

    Anyone know much about this Dickey Betts goldtop

    That refinished goldtop that Dan Toler played is the one that had THE SOUND!
  9. Joshabr1

    Why do some people hate vintage guitars?

    A good guitar is a good guitar. What year it was made has no bearing. Although some eras on a whole sound better than others ,.. you can get a good one from almost any of them though.
  10. Joshabr1

    NGD - 2004 R9, Tom Murphy Aged Historic Reissue, Yamano

    Killer Greeny vibes with that one. No way it don’t sound good.
  11. Joshabr1

    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    I really hate to see this. I vouched for Tyler and I also have been pretty much cut off with him. He stopped communicating about 2 months ago. And that’s BULLSHIT. No matter what you have going on in your life a simple text or call is never to much to ask. I am truly sorry if my post cost...
  12. Joshabr1

    The unthinkable happened

    Your wrong about that. It will “play” exactly the same as before. Once glued back if you blindfolded you think you could pick which guitar had a repaired headstock?? No you could not.
  13. Joshabr1

    Vintage ABR-1 post length?

    Half inch out half inch in I think is pretty close