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  1. jon9

    Lost all my guitars in fire

    we had a house fire the other day we lost everything including the 3 greatest dogs in the world. Also all my guitars and amps. including this beauty 96'R06030 My 96' R0 RIP You rocked!
  2. jon9

    Yngwie malmsteen Super Amazing Guitar God lesson.

    Had to share Yngwie malmsteen Super Amazing Guitar God lesson.
  3. jon9

    Help! Marshall 2210 mains fuse blowing

    I have a Marshall model 2210 from 1986. One day I was checking something and I had the chassis out of the box and turned upside down sitting on my speaker cab. Well, I unplugged the guitar (amp was on But I think I had it on standby) and tossed the cord onto or should I say into the amp chassis...
  4. jon9

    '96 Historic R0 pots

    Just to save me some time of rippin' things apart the day I get a new(old)but apparently never played, axe. Does anyone know off hand what the pot values and taper they would have used on a '96 Historic R0. They Are cts(137) but the solder sheilds the numbers. I just want to get my orders in to...