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    Happy with your warrenty program

    I'm not. warranty / warrenty whatever...
  2. J

    Happy with your warrenty program

    I'm not.
  3. J

    Tolex and Glue

    For long term repair, what is the glue of choice for lifted edges and seams?
  4. J

    Custom Pickguards

    Who is the go to guy here? Thanks...
  5. J

    Stacktone Vintage Instruments

    Any opinions on these folks? I would recommend caution, Caveat Emptor, Buyer Beware. For a couple months I had noticed an interesting listing at a high price, cool piece though. See it again, price comes down. See it once more a couple hundred less. A few hours later, I email an inquiry...
  6. J

    1994 Fender Stratocaster 40th Anniversary

    Does anybody have one? I'd like to know the general consensus. Is it a Poly or Nitro finish, there seems to be articles that say both. Go figure? And what about the neck size? Is it any larger than the '57 reissue size? any opinions on the pickups, Why were there beveled pole pieces in this...
  7. J

    Brace for impact

    Good Luck everyone!
  8. J

    Fender USA '62 Stratocaster Reissue

    were all of them nitro throughout the 80's? in short what is the best bang for the buck, nitro, big neck strat?
  9. J

    24 / 6 / '16

    Remember this day, as it's already a holiday for those who dared to push up the hill! :salude
  10. J


    There must be a dozen different types to choose from. Which is best for our pots? Thanks
  11. J

    Cleaning Tweed

    In this case, it's an old near mint eh-150. Besides obvious maintenance, what is the best way to keep 'em clean?
  12. J

    Base Coat

    Does anyone know what/ if there is any difference between the Primer on the Road Worn models verses the American Classic line? They are almost the same instrument except for the relicing from what I understand. From a vibration/ resonance standpoint, I am impressed with the Road Worn series -...
  13. J

    Speaker ?'s

    I'M considering a 2x12 option for a 100w Super Lead. I have used EVM's in the past with a good result - just a lot of weight. What are the opinions on the celestion range, and what else should I be considering in todays market? Thanks,
  14. J

    Miami Pop

    This is probably not the right place for this thread but, I was watching the Hendrix footage and noticed an early small box next to his regular super lead. The interesting thing is the whole face plate was backwards - 4 inputs on the left. I don't recall ever seeing one like it. Check it...
  15. J

    inlay change in early '06?

    I've recently compared two R4's from '06. Both are nice but there are a few differences between the two, mainly the inlays seemed to have gotten the sharper corners later in the year, and the clear coat may have changed a little too as the Gibson logo is quite a bit darker/ greener on the early...