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  1. Guitar Whiskey

    '69 ES335 pickups?

    Yes, they were T-Tops. Typically, these are 7.0 to 7.6 range from my experience.
  2. Guitar Whiskey

    Ace Music in Santa Monica Ca

    https://www.lespaulforum.com/index.php?threads/how-to-post-photos-on-the-les-paul-forum.194336/ This may help. The sticker makes sense since Ace didn't order custom made guitars that I'm aware of but could have placed their store logo on the back of the headstock.
  3. Guitar Whiskey

    Ace Music in Santa Monica Ca

    By stamped do you mean under the finish it was stamped or through the finish. Pics would be interesting. Early historics can be cool guitars for sure.
  4. Guitar Whiskey

    Questions about best way to sell currently

    For higher end stuff like you have I usually go to online dealers I know who specialize in your type of items. Their commission is typically 10-15% but their selling price is often more than you could get privately or on the Bay or Verb. I also have taken stuff to local reputable vintage shops...
  5. Guitar Whiskey

    What's the impact of refinish/repair on vintage ES 335 Value?

    I bought a '61 ES335 ten years ago for $15K. It's a weird story though. It's the original finish but was re-necked using old growth mahogany and the original fretboard and binding. Frets are stainless and it plays like a dream because the neck was carved dimensionally like a '59. The finish...
  6. Guitar Whiskey

    Wall hanger integrity

    I've had many Les Paul's on String Swings since the 90's. No issues with them or any guitar period.
  7. Guitar Whiskey

    1964 SG featured on new Eric Johnson tune

    Play it for a period of time to see how it measures up to your expectations before buying it. Or if you purchase understand the period you can use without jeopardizing returning it.
  8. Guitar Whiskey

    1964 SG featured on new Eric Johnson tune

    The thing that goes on with some SG's is the necks can be unstable. It's partly a function of geometry; the extreme neck length, the narrow heel thickness, and the narrow tenon thickness. Also, the good ones as Eric describes have wood that is probably more rigid and less susceptible to...
  9. Guitar Whiskey

    What were you doing at 11 years old?

    It was 1965 in So Cal. I was listening to the radio, playing Beatles records and baseball in that order. I had a Stella but only strummed it a bit; no knowledge developed at that point. And going to the beach in summer. Started out with this gem.
  10. Guitar Whiskey

    Show me some unusual color SGs!

    A bit blurry but this guitar that Bill Cash of Starcrawler plays on the "She Said" video looks great. Note double dogear P-90's. I've never seen that before.
  11. Guitar Whiskey

    A Great Guitar Day

    I have a soft spot for the brown Deluxe amps.
  12. Guitar Whiskey

    Ace Music in Santa Monica Ca

    I'm told by Ken at Truetone that what was Ace Loans became Ace Music when Hank and Jack took it over; so yeah, the Krieger story all adds up.
  13. Guitar Whiskey

    Ace Music in Santa Monica Ca

    Brad, thanks so much for sharing this sad news. Sounds like you guys have lived a very productive life. I really think Hank and Jack definitely played a part in how I got hooked on music more than 50 years ago. They treated me with respect even though I was just a kid and offered...
  14. Guitar Whiskey

    What (guitar) is Ronnie Wood playing here?

    Looks like a Gibson L-5.
  15. Guitar Whiskey

    Share Your ES335