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    The "if you had a time machine" concert.

    Two concerts come to mind. Hendrix was in town and I didn't see him. I have no idea why I didn't go. The other was Miles Davis at Massey Hall.in the 90's. He was pretty old at that point, but it was likely the last time to see the great musician.
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    Your Worst Concert Ever

    This would be the flip side of "Best Concert Ever". It was actually hard to come up with one, but I'll say the MC5 at the RockPile in Toronto around 1970. They were insanely loud and I couldn't decipher one word from the singer. Just a cacophony.
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    Guitar Center in trouble again

    Discussed here:
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    For old vintage amp lovers

    Fascinating video of old National Dobro amp circa 1940. Teardown and service. If that amp could tell stories....
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    Neil Peart - dead at 67

    TORONTO -- Neil Peart, drummer and lyricist for Canadian rock band Rush, died Tuesday at age 67, according to a representative for Geddy Lee. A family statement says Peart died in Santa Monica, Calif., after battling glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, for more than three years...
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    Riddle Me This

    Just for fun: What song has every word in the song title start with the same letter, as well as the artist's name, also starting with the same letter. For example: Z____ Z_____ by Z___ Z___ The number of words in the answer is anywhere from 3 to 8 words. And they all start with the same...
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    Rick Beato on Quantizisation in Music

    Rick explains how today's music is essentially a drum machine track, with all other musical parts synced to it. The use of Pro-Tools is explained. This is why today's pop music is so lifeless and sterile. And so annoying.
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    Female Frontmen

    Ya I said frontMEN, so sue me. Frontwomen sounds awkward. Anyway there's been a lot of great ladies fronting bands over the years. They are usually singers that play an instrument occasionally eg. Chrissie Hynde, Ann Wilson, Stevie Nicks etc. But this lady has got it all - great voice, stage...
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    Worthy Commercials

    Commercials - we all hate em. But every once in a while one will appear that is memorable and catchy. Here's one that I love. It's for Maynards candy and has a nice happy vibe to it. The music is very 60's and the vocals sound a bit like the Hollies. And the girl in the light summer dress is...
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    Top 10 Most OverRated Guitarists

    This video is sure to bring the outrage. A lot of blasphemy in here, but I mostly agree with his choices. Let the fun begin:
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    Drummer Hal Blaine dies at age 90

    He was an LA studio musician who played on hits from Elvis to Sinatra to John Lennon. It's incredible how many sessions he played on, which became top 10 or better. https://www.ctvnews.ca/entertainment/hal-blaine-drummer-who-played-on-thousands-of-hits-dies-1.4332004 RIP Hal
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    Chris Cornell's family files lawsuit over his death

    The doctor who prescribed all his sedatives etc is the litigant. Sad, because it reminds me what a great musician/ songwriter he was. https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/01/entertainment/chris-cornell-lawsuit/index.html
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    Lindsey Buckingham is suing Fleetwood Mac

    (CNN) — Former Fleetwood Mac singer and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham is suing the band for making him go his own way. In court documents obtained by CNN, Buckingham claims that he lost an estimated $12 million in upcoming tour proceeds after he was involuntarily expelled from Fleetwood Mac in...
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    Marty Balin dies

    One of the founders of the Jefferson Airplane in 1965. He and Grace Slick shared vocals and their band was at the forefront of the new American rock which was just beginning in San Francisco. He was 76 years old. :dang
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    Average person stops seeking out new music by age 28: survey

    I'm not exactly sure what this article is trying to say, but here it is: AFP Published Tuesday, July 24, 2018 1:03PM EDT Listening to the same songs over and over rather than seeking out new tunes? You have plenty of company -- if you're 28 or over. A survey by streaming service Deezer...