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  1. ElfinMagic

    Who has a good ear AND eloquence in writing?

    Looking for someone with a good ear for the vintage tone, who can also WRITE about what they are hearing. How about PLAINTOP? I seem to remember that he may fall into that category. Why? Because I need ONE MORE person from this board to help with my sinister plans.
  2. ElfinMagic

    12AX7's and EL84's ...what should I make?

    I found a huge old stereo phonograph/radio (free) from 1959/1960. It's in great shape, but I have no use for it. So, upon separating the amplifier chassis from the cabinet, I discover that it has almost 15 various tubes...2 of them are 12AX7's and 2 others are EL84's. Both are TungSol brand...
  3. ElfinMagic

    58 (1963) Explorer $60K to $80K at auction...Hmmm.

    Sorry, no link. However, this months' issue of Vintage Guitar has an ad from Skinners Auction (Boston) showing a supposedly 1958 (Sold in 1963) Explorer w/ a Bigsby...Their auction estimate is $60,000 to $80,000. I went to the Skinner site, where they did make a little mention of it, but with...
  4. ElfinMagic

    Any good (vintage) ears in the Minneapolis area?

    I'm looking for a few LP Forum members in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to play a few of my guitars and then give me a bit of feedback on tone quality...or lack thereof (which really isn't an issue...LOL!) Why? I think I'm on to something that I might want to market, but I just need the help of...
  5. ElfinMagic

    Vintage string questions...help.

    What is the composition/style of the strings that were originally supplied with the late 50's LPs? If that is unanswerable, does anybody know what types of strings were used "in most cases" to re-string a Les Paul in the late 50's or early 60's? I would even allow a mid-60's answer here. Did...
  6. ElfinMagic

    Thoughts on a 12-string LP?

    What are your thoughts on having a 12 string Les Paul, or at least on some sort of "Les Paulish" platform? I know, you probably couldn't rock-out enough with it, but just imagine the LUSH harmonics running through the mahogany on an easy-to-play guitar...:bug
  7. ElfinMagic

    What kind of speakers are these?

    I've had a set of 4 of these sitting around for awhile, but cannot for the life of me remember what they came out of...I THINK that they might be from a Fender Pro Reverb, but I could easily be wrong. They are 10", 8 ohms. The inked numbers on the horseshoe are as follows : E1036 and 67 6932...
  8. ElfinMagic

    Fenders' "The Twin"...any thoughts?

    I have the opportunity to by a 90's, black-knob "The Twin" for $200. The tolex is a little rashy here and there, but eveything on it works and otherwise is in decent shape. Is this an "ok", "good", or a "great" deal? Are there any mods I should think about doing if I get it? Will it drive...
  9. ElfinMagic

    Anyone ever see these type of Grovers?

    Sorry, no pics, AS I CANNOT FIND ANY. At any rate, I recently saw a mid-90's LPC "Black Beauty" ... Had the usual gold hardware, but one thing that stood-out was that it had a triangular-shaped "Key", which acted as a slotted screwdriver, to unlock the tuning posts. The "key" (also gold) had...
  10. ElfinMagic

    "Tonewoods" Fact or Fiction?

    Is the term "Tonewood" a just a misnomer, or a flat-out lie? The vast majority of LPF seems to think that wood has nothing to do with tone, and there appears to be some very smart people here, so I'm wondering if we should boycott all of the luthiers and manufacturers who use this term?
  11. ElfinMagic

    Who makes a good replacement switch ring?

    Ok, so who makes a decent, vintage-style switch ring? I want one or two of them with the correct "R", as opposed to the gornish Gibson sells.
  12. ElfinMagic

    "Authentic, Non-Reissue" 59 on ebay

    So, where is the backlash on this obviously fake 59? I've been trolling this site to see the outcry, but have yet to see any.