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    Updated Photos Gibson ES 345

    Beautiful ES-345, I' m surpised by the cheap knobs, the '63 335 Custom Shop Aged have great reflectorknobs with smooth top. http://www.crazyparts.de/knobs/knobs--tips-lp-es-new/gibson-style-knobs/premium-cab-series/premium-cab-reflector-heads-black-silverface.html
  2. EFLOW

    The 2015 Gibson SG Standard

    The 2015 Les Paul Special DC cut is a very good deal. GraphTech TUSQXL adjustable nut is fine, nice classic style and the nt stays in place when the strings are removed.
  3. EFLOW

    Here's my 1956 LP Custom

    Very nice Les Paul Custom, congrats !
  4. EFLOW

    NGD - Gibson SG '61 ReIssue Proprietary Ltd Edition.

    I bought an used SG '61 RI, this Ltd Edition was made during 2016. Specifications are One piece body high grade mahogany, real Gibson ABR-1 brige and nickel hardware. The wiring is hand made. I love this SG, a pure '61 RI. I installed a set of Schaller G series Double Ring tuners (better than...
  5. EFLOW

    Epiphone VS Gibson

    I know that made in usa Epiphone guitars are really are good guitars.
  6. EFLOW

    The 2015 Gibson SG Standard

    My 2016 Proprietary has a stock Gibson ABR-1, it's very close to a a Custtom Shop.
  7. EFLOW

    The 2015 Gibson SG Standard

    With this upgrade the sustain is better and there are more vibrations, very good for the feeling. Same upgrade on my 2012 SG Standard Ltd Edition. Faber® iNsert™ are fine, upper part is 6-32" thread, ready for a Gibson ABR-1 bridge. The Gibson SG body and Faber Bridge Posts make one, PER -...
  8. EFLOW

    Vintage Gibson SGs

    @ blewsbreaker The bridge is in the wrong way on your SG
  9. EFLOW

    Les Paul Junior

    I have a cool Pelham Blue Les Paul Junior, a great guitar and I like its simplicity. Do you know where I can order an authentic Junior trussrod cover, one black ply and no bevel? I saw vintage ones for sale but very pricey...
  10. EFLOW

    Can anyone give me some history on my black '93 LP Studio - Limited Edition?

    The 1993 SG Standard Korina Limited Edition came with this kind of trussrod cover, only 500 were made. This one is the number 1.
  11. EFLOW

    Might buy an SG Special tomorrow. Questions.

    Nice SG Special, nice mahogany.
  12. EFLOW

    The 2015 Gibson SG Standard

    I used black anchors and studs adapters for a discrete mount, those parts are glued with Loctite 648 High Strength to make one piece. The black anchors are strongly adjusted into the SG body.
  13. EFLOW

    The 2015 Gibson SG Standard

    Those 2015 models are awesome, adjustable nut, real MOP inlays, great finish, etc... I like the slim taper neck profile and I don' t feel a big difference between my '61 RI and the 2015. May be you' re more comfortable with a Medium C neck profile.
  14. EFLOW

    The 2015 Gibson SG Standard

    This SG is fantastic, pure vintage body shape.
  15. EFLOW

    The 2015 Gibson SG Standard

    My Ebony SG '61 Reissue vs my 2015 SG Standard, same body shape and same body/neck joint. Cool SGs.