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Got drafted, got out, got on with it. Was a medic, and helped with the Armed Forces Radio station as a volunteer. Had been living in San Francisco when I got inducted, so put a little KSAN into AFRTS. Came home, studied Journalism in college, graduated, worked for NPR a couple times, CBS steadily for a while, then spent a couple years working as a volunteer at eTown in Boulder after I retired from the sucky government job that paid the bills for nearly 30 years. Played in bands starting in '67 and finally learned to play in '77. Still a member of ASCAP, but turned in my AFM card after 16 years... and retired. Life is good even with arthritis. No social media, too many 'experts' on what, who, and how I'm supposed to be. Money not spent on guitars was spent on motorcycles, sportcars, 4x4 trucks and two fast women, the second having hung around for 26 years so far... nice girl, can put six rounds through a hole the size of quarter with a .41 magnum at 25 yards... Navy vet... Jersey girl... candidate for the Chicago PD in her youth, I don't cross her.
Jun 1, 1950 (Age: 71)
Boulder, CO
Current Gear
'59 Reissue ES 355 Custom Shop, '57 Reissue Les Paul Custom CS, ES 335, Firebird, Flying V, Explorer, EC 185 Special
Previous Gear
'73 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, '78 Les Paul Custom Wine, '79 RD Standard, '80 Flying V2, Paul Chandler Strat
Musical Influences
Beatles, Stones, Floyd, CCR, Willy Nelson, JJ Cale, Tony Joe White, Steve Cropper, Lee Sklar


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