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    Please delete...

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    Krusty the Clown

    A Real Clown Burst. Welcome to 1978. This is Krusty. All original and working that clown burst look Really nice birdseye in the top, chrome hardware, reflector knobs, tulip tubers. Not a scratch on her. And she sounds awesome. Playing her through my ‘67 JTM 45. Welcome to the sound of...
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    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    I had commented early in the thread. The '97 R8 in my profile has a set of Custom Duncan/Bonamassa '59's wound on the Leesona winding machines. It just wasn't sounding that good. I went ahead and put one of Tyler's harnesses, and HOLY COW! Did it ever improve this guitar. Much more...
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    *** My First Historic In 18 Years-- 2001 R9 Big Top***

    Nice! Gonna do any work on that one?
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    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    I'm interested to hear what others use for pot/cap readings as these can be customized? I've never really thought about it and it looks like you need to ask. Primarily, I play blues and am using the Seymour Duncan/Bonamassa '59 handwounds on my the R8 in my profile. Still seeking better sound.
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    A sweet girl here....

  9. dlacx

    A sweet girl here....

    This is about as pristine as it gets. Bought this back in 1981. Guy pulled it out from under the bed. "Never played it much". She sounds as good as she looks.
  10. 66 Melody Maker 001.jpg

    66 Melody Maker 001.jpg

  11. 66 Melody Maker 005.jpg

    66 Melody Maker 005.jpg

  12. 66 Melody Maker 008.jpg

    66 Melody Maker 008.jpg

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    What to do??

    This. I really like how you stated this . I would set it up and give it some time.
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