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Recent content by Dishimyuh

  1. Dishimyuh

    Fender Stratocaster Gallery

    Decal is a replacement.
  2. Dishimyuh

    Just turned up on Facebook

    -20% for a refret? I think that you're pushing it.
  3. Dishimyuh

    Current bursts for sale...

    You're right, that top is insane!
  4. Dishimyuh

    DUMBLE or D Style amps

    Sebago DT50, 70's voicing.
  5. Dishimyuh

    Just turned up on Facebook

    It will be interesting to see what it brings given it's condition.
  6. Dishimyuh

    Fender Stratocaster Gallery

    Thanks! It's been with me a very long time.
  7. Dishimyuh

    Fender Stratocaster Gallery

  8. Dishimyuh

    1956 Les Paul basket case Conversion.

    Kudos Yuuki, kudos!!
  9. Dishimyuh

    Inherited a Rolex. Does Anyone Know About Them?

    I was under the impression that RSC would no longer service a watch of that vintage.
  10. Dishimyuh

    Murphy Lab Les Paul; The Big review !

    I've had mine since the early eighties and I would hardly describe myself as wealthy.
  11. Dishimyuh

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    Boogie MK IIB.
  12. Dishimyuh

    Anyone else played 'Pearly?'

    I have a friend who played it. He said that he plugged it into a Deluxe with the volume on five and that when he started playing it sounded like the amp was wide open.
  13. Dishimyuh

    Nugent's TWO bursts up for auction

    Supposedly, Twiggs swapped Gregg a car for it.