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  1. Chef Greg

    '80s ProForm case mint-ish $575 shipped

    For your very best Gibson Les Paul... no smells or marks.... nearly mint -- if you KNOW what this is and want it, Paypal gift $575 to les.paulo56 "AT" gmail.com & I'll ship it UPS ground CONUS only Thanks! ProForm standard DELUXE, brown. $575
  2. Chef Greg

    Wanna post photos of '99 Murphys....?

    For fun ... post two photos of any 1999 Murphy aged & painted, with SN if known ... let's see how many we can gather? here's 9 9125
  3. Chef Greg

    Happy 20th birthday (Vintage Wrld '99)

    Happy 20th birthday to the Heartbreaker, # 9 9125 ... & I've loved her almost as long... :bike & in '99 @ EdA's
  4. Chef Greg

    '99 Murphy Les Paul revisited.... sweet 17yrs old!

    '99 Murphy Les Paul revisited.... sweet 18 yrs old! Some recent photos taken by a family friend to reveal how she's matured over the years... 1999 (new): In 2000 She looked like this:
  5. Chef Greg

    My Corsa Manalishi wraptail is ready!!

    Larry Corsa at Corsa guitars built me a custom spec chambered wraptail Manalishi model weighing in at 6 pounds, 14 oz. -- with one piece maple top, custom ordered Throbak pickups with vintage magnets w NOS wire, Mojoaxe TP, Retrospec inlays and some NOS DMC ....Thanks Larry !! It will be in my...
  6. Chef Greg

    1999 Murphy aged & painted -- roll call, anyone?

    9 9125 ... this is the Les Paul of my dreams, my has come true---...share P H O T O S of yours? ... the color has changed over the years & it's wonderful to me!
  7. Chef Greg

    Missouri Guitar show -- heads up

    See you there (no affiliation on my part -- just wanna have fun!) :salude
  8. Chef Greg

    2015 Arlington Guitar Show... LPF booth is going to be how cool??

    I get he feeling the new LPF booth 2015 may be pretty durned cool.... what's the word--any hints? :peace2
  9. Chef Greg

    Sandy LP's sold like hotcakes.... Shanks is not-- why??

    Ideas?? (personally, I dig 'em)
  10. Chef Greg

    Any modern Christians on LPF in Rome, Italy??

    A young lady that sings with our band has moved to Rome, Italy for a year and hasn't found a Christian "modern worship" church in Rome (Hillsong United style or the like). If anyone has a suggestion, please post at will... thanks!
  11. Chef Greg

    Show us the 1999 & 2000 Murphy R9 's / R8 's

    Let's what '99 & '00 Murphy aged you have or used to have... or seen!!
  12. Chef Greg

    Show us your odd numbered (year) Historic

    Show us your odd numbered (year) Historic (why not?)... starting with 1997 please !! :applaude :3zone :applaude :3zone :salude
  13. Chef Greg

    Dallas Historic reissues?

    It's odd to me that NO ONE is posting any photos or comments on Gibson Historic reissues from the Dallas 2011 show.... :hmm