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Recent content by big-ace

  1. big-ace

    pancake or chambered body?

    whats preferable? a chambered ( basically a bullshit term for weight relieved) body, or a pancake (ala 70's Norlin era) body. the reasons for Gibson trying both designs are pretty much the same. the apparent lack of decent mahogany available at the time. (which basically means that Gibson hasnt...
  2. big-ace

    your ideal Les Paul

    im not after specifics, but if you could tell Henry what is the ideal LP, what would it be. heavy or light in weight, bright or fat and heavy sounding, chambered or 100% solid body, fat or slim neck, type of pup, etc. what is the ultimate Les Paul? im just after a general concensus here, as...
  3. big-ace

    orange AD30htc

    i have an orange AD30HTC, 2005-6, amp head. i find it to sound very similar to my Marshall JCM900 4100 head with EL34's. it is a great (but one dimensional) sounding amp. for a fully valve amp (allegedly) it still has a bit of a solid state tone to it. i mean it doesnt have the crispness of a...
  4. big-ace

    stressfull times

    i think i may have pissed off a few people recently with comments i have made. if so, i appologise, it has been a stressfull time of recent. i guess i got a bit carried away. ( but yes, i will still give an opinion or two if i feel the need.)
  5. big-ace

    norlin era haters

    im a bit sick of all the 'norlin era' gibson haters, especially all the ' i have a R#, you just have a shit norlin'. guess what, they were made by the SAME company. does this mean that when the norlin era ended they sacked every single worker and got in new workers to make the 'new improved...
  6. big-ace

    reissue bullsh#t.

    with all the reissues/custom shop guitars gibson are doing, dont they realise that the current standard/workmanship they are doing is generally considered inferior. they know people want or expect a cetain standard of guitar/workmanship, so they charge way extra just to give you a custom shop...
  7. big-ace

    R? models explained

    what do the different R numbers refer to . R7, R9 etc
  8. big-ace

    neck volute - good or bad

    anyone know why the neck volute was discontinued. Gibsons have a reputation for headstock breakage at the nut area.( i have unfortunately experienced this first hand). would the volute reduce the chance of breakage, and does the volute affect tone at all. yes i know the best way to avoid damage...
  9. big-ace

    removing frets from a dry board

    i need to do a refret, but the rosewood fretboard is very 'chippy'. is a good constant dose of lemon oil the best way to soften or loosen up the fret slots and prevent chipping?
  10. big-ace

    pulling frets from a dry board

    i have an 84 explorer that really needs a refret. it had 'fretless wonder' frets to start with, but after pulling 2 frets the rosewood fretboard was chipping really badly so i stopped the refret job. i used the soldering iron method to heat up the frets before pulling them. will constant...
  11. big-ace

    weight relieved les pauls

    i have only just found out that Gibson drill 9 big holes in the mahogany body, which is then caped with the maple top, so the guitar wont be too heavy. is this the same as what they are doing with the Supreme range, but they are open about the weight relief in the supreme, and basically dont...