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  1. Beemer

    Single Channel Amp

    To answer your question, in the amps that I've owned, EL34 tubes were in the ones that I've liked the most so, of your choices, Marshall-esque would the tone I'm looking for. Unfortunately, I don't have much of a selection of amps to try out in my location, at least ones that I would like to...
  2. Beemer

    Single Channel Amp

    What is the best current or recent production single channel tube amp priced $1000 or lower? I'm looking for a 45 to 50 watt head to be paired with a 4x12 Greenbacks cab that does a good OD crunch/lead but also cleans up nicely using the guitar volume knob. I'm a big EL34 fan, but certainly open...
  3. Beemer

    Speaker Upgrade Vox AC4C1-12

    I'm looking to replace the stock speaker (12" Celestion Seventy 80 branded as a Vox VX12) of a Vox AC4C1-12 with a 16 ohm Alnico but would prefer to keep the price around $150'ish. I'm also concerned about the fit due to the location of the transformer. I believe the depth of the Seventy 80 is...
  4. Beemer

    P90 or Mini Humbuckers?

    Thanks for all the replies, everyone. I've decided on the Duncan Phat Cats. So far, so good!
  5. Beemer

    Les Paul Special Middle Position Issue

    I have a 2015 Les Paul Special that has the pickup selector middle position set for out of phase. How do I change this to in phase, standard middle position-both pickups? The control board is a PCB and I tried flipping the neck pickup magnet but am unable. I believe the pickup top and bottom...
  6. Beemer

    P90 or Mini Humbuckers?

    Thanks for the link! I'm leaning towards the Fralins. I recently picked up a 2013 Les Paul Traditional ('57 Classics) that covers those humbucker tones territory very well. I'm changing out the LP Tribute's buckers to have the cool LP/P90 tones covered as well. Check. Thanks for the...
  7. Beemer

    P90 or Mini Humbuckers?

    I have a 2016 LP Tribute T (490R and 498T) that I would like to change the pickups. Which humbucker sized P90's do you guys recommend for a glassy lower gain (most of the time), rounded, articulate tone? I'm a fan of mini-hums as well. Would they be a better choice, would it major...