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  1. beeflin

    What ToneBender model did Jeff Beck use on Truth/Beck-Ola ?

    I got lucky as a teenager and found Truth in a junk shop for a few pence. I'd never heard of Jeff Beck but saw it had two members of Faces on it, so I thought it must be worth a try. Fantastic album, it should have been a quadruple. Beck never sounded like that again, but Blow By Blow was...
  2. beeflin

    Installed Steinberger tuners on Firebird - the results and some tips

    I ended up disliking them. Since they pull the string down into the headstock they can't turn round and round unlimited times like conventional tuners, so you can run out of adjustment, and since you've cut the string short there's no way to pull it through any further to tighten it, so you have...
  3. beeflin

    Would like to own a Lou Pallo!

    Would like to own a Lou Pallo!