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Recent content by Arch D. Bunker

  1. Arch D. Bunker

    Need Pickguard for 59 ES-355

    Dan at Mojoaxe might be able to help. Then there is Fox Guitars : http://www.fox-guitars.com/vintage-replacement-pickguards/gibson-electrics?page=1
  2. Arch D. Bunker

    NGD! Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow 2020

    The positive reviews here lured me into ordering one, and it does not disappoint - black fingerboard, full neck with smaller frets, 7.7 pounds. Looks like a historic, but with a little less woodgrain showing on its one piece body, and individual, improved klusons that are somehow placed a little...
  3. Arch D. Bunker

    Gibson CS limited edition Rusty Anderson Les Paul

    This would seem rare, with only 75 claimed to have been built - plus this one was owned by Rusty.. :hmm Your comments, please....do look at the paperwork too. https://reverb.com/item/33425703-gibson-les-paul-5-custom-shop-limited-edition-for-rusty-anderson-2005-bleu-nuit
  4. Arch D. Bunker

    Dashboard Confessional ??

    Never heard of them before - I guess that's my fault. But I noticed these guys opened a Reverb shop yesterday, and practically everything offered there was sold within a day (including a nice late '56 Junior with a serial number adjacent to mine). They must be really popular then...
  5. Arch D. Bunker

    Today's turd (II): buy 2.5 PAFs, get guitar for free

    A 'player's' guitar all right - repaired hs break, refin, but with most of the original electronics still there, and a cool looker (not mine): https://reverb.com/item/26301115-pre-owned-vintage-1962-gibson-les-paul-custom?show_sold=true
  6. Arch D. Bunker

    Today's turd - '62 345 with Kahler

    Basketcase if there ever was one, or fun project maybe, but at $1,500 it's A-OK I guess.. (not mine though, and more likely a '64) https://reverb.com/item/26060766-gibson-es-345-1962-red?show_sold=true
  7. Arch D. Bunker

    OK... so, who stole this one?! (Everly content)

    This must have sold within minutes after it was put up for sale, but it's puzzling nonetheless: why the ludicrously low offer price, and more importantly, is there a chance that this could be an actual Everly guitar?? https://reverb.com/item/25808261-gibson-j-200-1957-black-gloss?show_sold=true
  8. Arch D. Bunker

    Three pickup 1958 Explorer at Elderly with video

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXLkAwLW2HA&feature=youtu.be Posting this link again, in order not to derail the '58-63 explorer serial number thread. The only real rare part on the Elderly guitar seems to be the cut off six in line Kluson tuner strip (if this has the right tuner hole...
  9. Arch D. Bunker

    Case question for owners of vintage reverse Firebirds (1963-1965)

    I got lucky and found a nice early sixties Firebird case for my '64 III (whoop-dee-doo..). All four front latches have been replaced by ugly black replacement thingies though, and have to go. I am hoping one Firebird owner can give me the measurements of the original front latches - with some...
  10. Arch D. Bunker

    '64 Firebird for cheap

    custom color too...but it needs a little work...:bigal http://www.ebay.com/itm/152521196146?ul_noapp=true
  11. Arch D. Bunker

    Snagadiscount.com - scam alert

    While looking for a '64 Firebird III I came upon this site https://www.snagadiscount.com/ They offer electronic stuff, plus a few vintage guitars. They say they're in business since 2002, but I cannot find any online reviews or ratings. A facebook page with 6,000 plus likes - no comments from...
  12. Arch D. Bunker

    Early Jeff Beck RI - well, sorta

    Cheap, but ugly - looks like Gibson tried to copy the repaired stripped burst that Mr B dubbed 'revolting' when he saw the result...anyone seen one of these before? http://www.digimart.net/cat01/shop3100/DS03490608/
  13. Arch D. Bunker

    Get well soon Mr Perry!

    http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-36762581 https://twitter.com/JoePerry According to some sources Joe collapsed behind the stage and went into cardiac arrest, after which CPR was performed....man, 2016 is a terrible year for musicians. Hang in there Joe!