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  1. AndyC

    Coveting another man's baby.. (R8 Content)

    Fellow LP forum member "tvshooter" (Aaron) and I live nearby each other in southeastern Virginia. He noticed that I lived here from the "Sweet Cherry" threads, and also noticed that we're both in the television industry. He stopped by a few weeks ago to check my Sweet Cherry plaintop out, and...
  2. AndyC

    Greg Koch - Spankin'

    This guy blows me away. He knows his way around the fretboard for sure. He mixes in a bit of Ted Nugent and plenty of Led Zep into this must-see clip. It's worth watching the whole thing.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQQIT4SJHpY :salude
  3. AndyC

    '58 Reissue Plaintop with Sweet Cherry Refin

    I posted these photos over in the RS Guitarworks dealers section, but I thought I'd post them here too thinking many guys don't look over there. A few months ago there was a thread here where we ramped up the idea of having a special run of historics done by the Custom Shop in a "Sweet Cherry"...
  4. AndyC

    Going Under the Knife

    Hey Guys, I kind of wanted to post this partially because, even though this is an Internet forum, you guys are friends. Also, I wanted to post this in case I don't post again after Friday, you'll have an idea why. I'm having surgery on Friday. Back fusion surgery. This is my fourth surgery...
  5. AndyC

    Gotta start the kids young

    I wanted my younger son to be a drummer, since my older son is a guitar player like his Dad. We need a drummer around the house! But I guess guitar runs in the family. He wants to be a guitar player, and he's a Gibson fan! Imagine that. Amazingly enough he's a Jimmy Page fan as well...
  6. AndyC

    Les Paul Setup in Western Mass?

    A good friend of mine has a LP Studio that he bought online. He's had it for several months, and likes it a lot, but says that he doesn't think it's setup very well. This is his first LP, he has several Strats and a rack of Ibanez guitars. He's in Western Mass, and I'm in Virginia, so I can't...
  7. AndyC

    Ruse or Reality?

    http://westernmass.craigslist.org/msg/487316057.html :rolleyes:
  8. AndyC

    "Day of the Week" Purchasing

    We were having a nice conversation about what day of the week is best for purchasing historic reissue guitars, and some :troll hijacked the thread refusing to stay on topic. So, the :troll can keep himself busy over there while we continue our pleasant conversation. Now, there was some debate...
  9. AndyC

    TV Model Coming - Show your Juniors!!

    After hanging out and searching for a good deal on a '58 reissue TV Model I finally landed one via eBay this morning. Looks like it's in great shape, comes with original case, COA, candy. Hopefully it all goes smoothly. I emailed the seller hoping I can upgrade the shipping to overnight or...
  10. AndyC

    Guitar of the Week - Week 2

    Les Paul Classic Antique
  11. AndyC

    Victoria's Secret

    Victoria's Secret just sent me an ad for this new Teddy outfit they suggest I buy for my lovely wife. It's a cute picture, so I thought I would share:
  12. AndyC

    Life is Fragile

    I wasn't going to speak up about this, but given brother Moonpie's post about the loss of his friend, I have decided to open up. I've had a couple of back surgeries over the past 2 years. My latest surgery was December 1st. The other surgeries went smoothly. This one did not. Everything...
  13. AndyC

    Explorer Pro Love?

    I've been GASing for an Explorer Pro for a while. Been watching eBay, and there have been a few, but have been outbid each time, thinking I was going to get a deal. One showed up at my local GC (yeah, I know). I played it, and it felt great, was very resonant and sounded great through a Mesa I...
  14. AndyC

    Wolfetone Marshallheads!!!

    After fighting with my 2003 R9 for a few months trying to unleash the tone I knew was in there, I swapped out my Burstbuckers for a pair of Wolfetone Marshallheads. Holy Jesus! These things seriously transformed this guitar! When I read some of these posts and hear about how a guitar sounded...
  15. AndyC

    My First Burst Sighting - circa 1967

    This is just a dopey story about my first encounter with a real Burst. I've just never shared it on the LPF before, so I thought I'd do that. I grew up in western Massachusetts, in a little town near Springfield, in a middle class community. One of my neighbors was a family who had a son...