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    Billy Squier Signature LP Special and Junior

    they should bring back the Billy Squier Kramer model
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    Where's Charlie (CDaughtry) Been?

    I'm betting he might. It was a joke. lighten up, Francis.
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    Wall hanger integrity

    that's what I meant.
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    Wall hanger integrity

    the hanger itself is fine, it's how you 'attach' it to the wall is the main factor. I made sure mine were screwed into studs with a 2" screw, (half inch for the drywall, two inches into the stud), just for piece of mind.
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    Where's Charlie (CDaughtry) Been?

    prolly hiding out with TW and Ganz, calling fugazi Bursts authentic, lol.
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    Alex Lifeson Is Auctioning Off His Guitars

    couple pics I took of Alex from the front row during the Clockwork Angels tour