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    Sg Model 2016 SG Standard...What a score!

    So I got bored...pick up the phone and called Troy at Wildwood Guitars. I said what the hell, I'm want an SG. Never owned one before and WOW I love it how it sounds. One piece mahogany body to my surprise. The 496r and 498t pups are better than I thought. Sweet sustain, no nut ping, intonation was spot on, fit and finish is impeccable, binding on the neck is perfect, frets are level. It's not neck heavy and doesn't hang funny (reminds me of how a V hangs). Very happy camper. I thought this purchase would be temporary due to some preconceived ideas but... This is a keeper! (picture to follow!)

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    Les Paul Forum Member stratking's Avatar
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    Re: Model 2016 SG Standard...What a score!

    I've played a few of these new SGs in GC and have come close to buying one each time. The neck feels great and, like you said, the fit and finish is really up there. I didn't get a chance to check the neck dive w/ a strap but they sit very comfortably on the lap. I just wish that they'd offer it in both the small and wide pickguard although I don't mind the "batwing" pickguard. I just pretend I'm Live/Dead-era Jerry

    "We got a little number from our first album we're gonna do, Berry starts 'er off..."

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