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Hi Clay
I've been using your pinball repair guides for years - yes I contributed :)
Im in Aus and after a 68-72 gt, preferably the early one. Are you selling at all? Didn't know you collected LPs also. I've seen all your strats and teles on your old DVDs and know you love them too.
cheers Simon
How do I reply to your classified for the R9? I have something I was just going to list and I'm open to a trade.
Really digging your 52/57 Conversion. I too have a 52. Did you have to refin the top? looks original. Did it need a neck reset? Just curious, I have kicked around the idea of saving up for a set of PAF's. But I really dont want to strip the original finish. Plus it sounds REALLY amazing as is so I am on the fence. Your thoughts? Thanks, Brian
Hey, I don’t know if there’s a DM feature on here but I live in Finland too and was considering a Bavarian makeover one day, do you still have yours? I’m interested to see how it faded seeing as the finish was so close to the factory finish. Kiitos!
Hello 77Custom!

If you are inclined, please see the my regarding my 2001 Reissue of the 1954 Historic Les Paul Custom Black Beauty.
Hello bdmania,

If you are inclined check out my post and replies regarding my 2001 Reissue of the 1954 Black Beauty. Serial number: 4 1117
Posting pics is very easy now- drop and drag- except in Backstage it appears. heads up. Profanity optional.
Hello mrgibson01...I saw your old post regarding 1961 humbucker, single slot brass screws in base, no decal. I have an identical one pulled from a 1961 ES-355. Cover has been off: has the square in the circle. Are you still active??
Hello! I recently came across some black hardware from a 1960 Les Paul Gold Top. Among these parts were a backplate combo, a pickguard, knobs and two pickup rings. The pickup rings are M8s, so they were replaced at some point, but I am not sure about the back plates or the pickguard. How do I date them? tips greatly appreciated :)