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Yo Mayor Mc Dave .


P90 Maniac
Jul 15, 2001
Hey Dave,

As I recall in the last few topics about " What strings do you use ".You had mentioned about useing Gibson strings.I had never used them before so I decided to give them a try on my LPS.I had never used the wound third and decided to give it a try.I got some Gibson Nickel Plus strings.They are .011 ,014 ,019W ,030W ,041W and 052W.I had been useing GHS and AF 10-46's....

Damn what a big improvement !! In tone , voloume ,sustain ,staying in tune , controlability....I have never had a string change make this much difference in this guitar.Honestly this guitar has never felt or sounded better.

Thanks for the great tip !!


Dave Paetow

Les Paul Forum Member
Jul 15, 2001
I dig the Gibson nickel strings, they have a bit more bite than GHS Nickel Rockers, and the intonation seems more true as well.