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Jun 27, 2003
A friend of mine named Chris Ven Haus is launching a new line of Caps: https://www.v-cap.com/tone-capacitors.php
These are the best & clearest sounding caps I've ever used in a guitar or in an amp! Believe me, I'm not saying this because Chris has become my friend, I'm saying this because I truly believe this. You roll the tone back on a guitar with one of these caps in it and there's no gain lost and it has clarity, note detail and retains the harmonics that even the best Sprague Bee's and Iskra's(mustard caps) don't have. If you install some in an amp, it really let's you hear the real character of the amp.
Fluid-Filled Hermetically-Sealed Copper Foil capacitors

I became interested in developing a cap for guitars after a conversation with my friend Brian Kelly (Cincinnati / Nashville). He recalled a story from the 60’s, when he and Seymour Duncan raided the 'graveyards' of old "tube" radio and TV repair shops looking for old 1940’s and 50’s ‘paper in oil’ caps. Brian said: “I honestly thought Seymour might have lost his mind when he came up with the idea that these old, leaky, sometimes radically out-of-spec caps might really be a significant part of the classic Fender sound.”
Coming from the world of high-end audio, it was a bit of a head-scratcher to me, why anyone would want those old caps. Most old PIO caps are notoriously unreliable, and after acquiring/testing the ‘Holy Grail’ caps in the guitar world, there was nothing special about the electrical measurements. In fact, many measured quite poorly. BUT… that sound… it doesn’t lie…
I was hooked, and it became a mystery & obsession I felt compelled to understand/solve what made these special... and see if I could magnify and expand upon those attributes.
Our new line of V-Cap TONE capacitors is the result of 4+ years of extensive R&D. We believe we’ve ‘cracked the code’ for what makes a great guitar cap, capturing the ‘magic’ of those select 40’s & 50’s caps, but with far better consistency and reliability.
TONE... Unleashed.
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