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Upgrading my LP Std.


Jul 6, 2003
I have put the time to get my 2000 LP Std tuned up and playing well again as it had been neglected for far too long. I am looking the electronics next. The plate is coming out. I will probably shield the cavity because I can. Never a bad idea I think. I am thinking of going with this for the electronics upgrade with 50's wiring:


I don't see any reason to replace a perfectly fine switch/jack etc but I am curious as to why so many people do. Am I missing something? Pickup wise I have a set of Antiquities in it currently and have a set of 59's and a set of Seth's on the shelf as options as well. The Seth's were in it most of its life. They were actually pretty good. The neck pickup especially was good but I wanted to try the Antiquities in something. I got them for a song years ago when a local store closed but never had a need to use them. I bought the 59's a decade ago for a PRS and they have been in a number of guitars since. I usually love a 59b and very much liked it in my old '87 LP that was lost in a fire but the 59n can be boomy in some guitars which is also the case with the Antiquity in the neck now. I am leaning towards the Seth's but they were plenty bright with the stock 300k pots. They may go off the rails with 500k pots.

So based on all of that I am debating on what direction to go in. As much as I like the IDEA of the Antiquity set for as much vintage vibe as possible, experience tells me to try the 59b and Seth neck but I am also considering the 59b and 59n with the mag changed to an A2 as well..

Thoughts and opinions?

El Gringo

Well-known member
Apr 8, 2015
i have the 57 classics (in the neck) and 57 classics + (in the bridge ) .pretty good !