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Under-Appreciated: The Les Paul Studio with M III Electronics


Active member
Jan 27, 2002
I would argue that Gibson's M-III electronics are hugely misunderstood, under-appreciated and under-valued. This Les Paul Studio has all the appointments of a Standard: sunburst finish, maple cap with nice top carve, bound rosewood board and two humbuckers. But: with a flick of a switch, you activate the three single coils, with all the middle positions that a five-way Strat-like switch offers. The only compromise: master volume / master tone control.

M3 Full.jpg

M3 Pickups.jpg

M3 Top Carve.jpg

M3 Headstock.jpg

M3 Body Rear.jpg

M3 Headstock Rear.jpg

Wise Guy

Apr 3, 2021
Under appreciated and under valued? To be honest, I never or rarely ever see them for sale. What do one of these even sell for on the used market? I'd like one since they appear versatile.