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TruVintage - Dave Johnson Replica Burst Guards


Les Paul Forum Member
Nov 27, 2001
BRAND NEW product that will be available next week!! TruVintage - Dave Johnson replica Burst guard, Dave and I have been working on this for a while and they have been used on the last few guitars that we have done, Dave has a Burst guard at his shop and we also got scans from Frank Pine of his original guard, other than the difference in the pickup spacing between original '50's LP's and Historics the other thing we found was that the outer line of the guard was fairly different and the real guards are actually smaller than the reissues. Then there's the gap at the neck pickup ring and the radius of the corners that are more open. So Dave has made a template with the Historic pickup spacing and the rest of the guard shape and lines exact to an original. There are guards available with the gap at the neck pickup ring but none that i know of that have the outer shape correct as most have the Historic shape. I've posted pictures of a few of the guitars we've done to see the guard installed. The guards will be offered in NOS - $69.00, aged - $79.00 & heavy aged - $89.00. This first run will only be available for 2009 and later guitars but Dave will also make a template for the 1999 - 2008 spacing and those will be available soon.